June 27, 2007

Bag for the exchange take 4

First I'll start off with fun stuff. Yarn yummy sock yarn from Astrid. How I love sock yarn .... how I love Astrid. Damn her and her great prices ..... Anyways we have Opal smoke 1651 and 1656, Meilenweit Magico 2531 and Megaboots 503, Gedifra 4205, and two brands that I haven't tried before but couldn't leave at her store because of the price and colors Scheepjes 1711 1721 1723 and Garnstudio Fabel 672.

I ripped open the package and ran to get my needles only to find my secret project laying on the loveseat. And then I realized how unhappy I was with my secret project. So off to the frogpond again ......
and casted on for try #4. As I was knitting this morning I decided that this is definately the correct project for this yarn. No more searching. This will be the one to get finished. It's hard when you have a vision in your head of how you want something to look but you can't seem to translate it into the work on your needles. This is definately more of my vision.
I'll leave you with poor Charlie who is in search of cooler temps. He's gone from laying on the cement front porch, to laying in the tiled hallway, to laying on the hardwood hallway, and finally up to my room to give me the "Hey cheap bitch! Turn on the friggin air conditioning!" look as he took up a position that would allow him to scratch my foot as I tried to step over him.


Trish said...

Oh how I love Astrid and her wonderfully priced yarn. :~) Glad to here you found the right project for the yarn. I have yarn still waiting for the perfect project. Our dogs have taken to laying in the laundry room where the AC makes the room freezing and the floor feel like ice...bet Charlie would love it.

gypsyknits said...

I like Astrid. I don't like the shipping costs. My Kauni yarn and sock yarn are enroute from her. I can't wait.
Charlie: My pets are in complete sympathy with him. They want me to turn on the air too. I cannot justify turning on the air as it cuts into my stash enhancement funds. hee-hee