June 20, 2007

No more single socks around here

In going thru my stash looking for something I found some knitpicks yarn and decided to whip up a pair of cic socks. Being the year of "greedy" knitting aka knitting for me or knitting projects that are of interest to me, I haven't been doing a lot of charity knitting. Oh well, maybe later this year.
Socks for D1 in Lana Grassa Meilenweit Multieffekt #3122. She liked the ones I made for myself.
These are for me. Fortissima 9503. Very fuzzy, grabby yarn that didn't come out of the ball well and knotted a lot. Soft yarn and wears well so I'd use it again.
Finishing this stuff left me with just a clementine shawlette in progress so onto the needles jumped this yummy yarn; won in a contest at Redheaded Ramblings. It's an alpaca/merino wool blend. Very soft. Seems like once I started knitting with alpaca I just can't stop. The pattern shows sequeins laced into the scarf. I don't think I'll be adding the sequeins. And I'll leave you with a picture of D2 out for a paddle in her kayak around the pond yesterday. It was a really nice, bright, sunny day perfect for being outside. I of course was inside working.


Trish said...

Nice socks! What a great view. All I see when I look out the windows is my neighbors houses. I want a better view. :~)

sherry said...

Wow, I cannot believe how fast you turn out socks!! They are great!!

Rachel said...

Nice socks, and that photo of D2 on the lake looks so cool and inviting!

gypsyknits said...

The socks are gorgeous. The yarn is even better. About D2, not sure how old she is but I had to laugh. Of course you're inside working. Isn't it HER vacation? LOL That's what my 15 yr old DD TRIED (notice past tense) to tell me, "but it's my vacation." yeah right!
p.s. the cats seem to enjoy being in the center of your yarn and camera......better than racing a ripping with it.....ha-ha

Lynn said...

Remember, charity begins at home. Gotta make sure that your family is also hugged with some knitterly goodness from you. Besides, you see how quickly you can whip up some socks so you are doing GREAT!!