June 26, 2007

Patty cake

In my house we play patty cake not pat-a-cake. Why? When my youngest daughter was about 4 I was driving her to a classmates birthday parties when she came out with, "I wonder if they'll be serving patty cake." "Patty cake? What's that honey?" "It's that cake from the rhyme. You know, patty cake, patty cake, baker man. We never have patty cake because everyone at our house likes chocolate but I've always wanted to taste patty cake." How I didn't drive into a telephone pole from laughing was beyond me.

And now as I play patty cake with my grandkids I giggle the whole time.

Got any cute stories of mispronounced words?


Mamere Knits Too Much said...

that's so funny! we also call it patty cake (can't remember why). all our remotes (to tv, whatever) are now called gre-motes ~grandson always added g to words when he was younger ~ we still haven't figured that out :)
found you here from ISE4!

Ann said...

That post has me sitting here at my computer giggling..priceless!

Jessica said...

WOW!!! I don't read for a couple of days and suddenly you have finished objects flying off the needles.

When Miss B was about 3 I took her for a walk to the park. It was summer and so we had waited until it had just gone dark so it was cooler. She was fascinated with the moon.

A couple of days later we went back to the park during the day and of course the moon wasn't there.
Miss B couldn't see the moon and was most upset. She kept asking where is the moon Mummy? Where did you put it?

I can't help but giggle at her thinking I could actually put the moon anywhere I want.

Anonymous said...

Ok..this is a little embarassing but I didn't even know the song was pat-a-cake until you just told me - I thought it was patty cake too - thanks for correcting me before I teach my sons the erroneous version ;)

Karen said...

I always thought it was patty cake also!

And for dinner sometimes, we used to have basghetti...not spaghetti like everyone else. I still call it basghetti.

Zoanna said...

I always grew up with it being "patty cake, patty cake, baker's man." When I grew up and read,"Pat a cake," I thought,"that's just wrong."

We prefer chocolate, too, though now you've got me wanting to try Patty cake. Got a recipe?

A friend of mine has a little girl, who, when she was about three, was singing along with a song next to mom in church. The real words are, "Altogether lovely" but Maggie sang "Hot togezzer wormy." Soon after, I was gardening, sharp hatchet/claw/digger thing in hand, and woops! Cut a wormy in half by accident. All I could was laugh. "You poor thing you. Wish you were hot togezzer wormy, don't you?"