June 18, 2007

More from the weekend

N is potty trained for the most part but when he's at my house he just gets too busy playing to remember. His mommy realized that he needed to use the bathroom and said to N, "Quickly, quickly before it's too late." N looks at her and comes out with, "It's already too late. It's just too late." And as daddy walks him down the hallway to clean him up he keeps repeating, "It's just too late." I just mopped and laughed.

W looking at the DVD's I borrowed from the library, "Gram why didn't you get Curious George?" "Well since you have Curious George at home I figured you won't want to watch it here." "Next time get Curious George. It's better at your house."

Saturday morning my dad and I took them to play at a school playground. They were the only kids there. Whole sandbox 20' by 8' filled with tonka type trucks, diggers, loaders, etc. W is playing with about a dozen different toys. N has one and he's pushing it around singing Thomas the Tank Engine songs. W announces "Hey I need that tractor." "No it's my turn." "Well it's important that I have that one to finish this contruction before traffic." N nods his head and hands over the green tractor. Obviously he realized that traffic in the sandbox was going to pick up shortly and those dump trucks full of sand need to be level.

On the tire swing, N says "Push us high so I can touch a cloud." W comes out with "No you can't touch a cloud. You need to keep both hands on the chain so you won't fall off. Mommy would be mad if you fell off and got hurt. She's say, N I told you not to touch those clouds." Hands staying on the chain and off those clouds.

Sunday: Astrid's website + my credit card = more sock yarn

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Rachel said...

Oh dear, my sides hurt from laughing . . .