June 25, 2007

A done deal

Clementine Shawlette done and ready to be mailed today. I love this pattern and love how it blocks.
Done and dry too. Loved this pattern also and once I added more fringe it came out really cute.

But this one was frogged and started over. I just wasn't feeling the first pattern and I hate to knit unhappy.


gypsyknits said...

Me either! I don't like knitting unhappy things.
The fiberglass tree looks like fun. Good to have some happy grandkid and knitting time. YEAH!

Just A Knit Wit said...

The pink/orange scarf is beautiful! (So is the other one)

What are the stats? Yardage and needles and length and width?

Rachel said...

Love the scarves, especially the orange one! Bear looks really happy wearing it!

Donna said...

Gorgeous scarves! Teddy looks so cosy :)

monica said...

Beautiful scarves, and I so agree with you about the knitting unhappy.

sherry said...

They are both to die for. I have been wanting to make Clementine, but it looked alittle hard for me. Maybe I will give it a try!