June 17, 2007

Auntie's education and more

W and N slept over Friday night. In the morning Auntie N decided to get them breakfast before she went off to work.

W: Where's the hole in the middle of my bagel?
Auntie: It's there but the cream cheese covered it over.
W: Well get it back.
(Auntie had to get the knife and get the cream cheese out of the hole in the middle).
W: That's much better. They don't taste good without the hole.

Auntie: What do you want for breakfast?
N: Flake cereal.
(Auntie pours some corn flakes into a small bowl for N)
N: No not these. I was the flakes covered in candy. (frosted flakes)

We had a combined birthday party for my dad, hubby, and the twins on Friday night. Tonight W called to discuss important things.
W: Gram, do you have any cheesecake from the party?
Me: Yes I do.
W: Well I didn't get any cheesecake.
Me: You didn't? That's sad.
W: Yes it is sad. I got chocolate cake and chocolate and vanilla ice cream but I didn't get any cheesecake.
Me: Ok, next time you sleep over I'll get cheesecake for you.
W: Then I can have some and I won't be sad anymore. Cheesecake always makes me happy.

Next up was N.
N: Hi Gram. Do you have chocolate cake?
Me: Yes I have some chocolate cake left over from the party.
N: Good. I like chocolate cake with banilla ice cream. Chocolate makes me happy.

Must run in the family because cheesecake and chocolate make me happy too.


Trish said...

lol...bagels don't taste as good without the hole. Too Cute! :~)

Rachel said...

Priceless! I'm just dying of laughter right now! Thanks for sharing those treasures!

Lynn said...

I love the minds of young children. They arent cluttered with grown up stuff yet and they have a great way of looking at things!!
And I agree, cheesecake and chocolate makes me happy too!!