February 15, 2007

Toys for all $65.15

W received these cars for this birthday. I liked them because they reminded me of the vehicles in the movie "Cars". W was giving them names and decided the little red on in front was named Lightening the Queen. In the movie cars the red race car was Lightening McQueen so he was close. Love the things that come out of their mouths.
$65.15 for the above yarn from Webs. This will be used for CIC socks. The yarn is a little stiff so I'll be washing them before sending.
Sock in progress
Sweater in progress

Another sock in progress.


Lovs2Knit said...

You've been very busy. Nice score on the yarn for CIC. I'm going to start ordering yarn off and on so I can contribute too.

Lynn said...

Wow that is some nice yarn!!! And you are being very productive! BTW did you lengthen the sleeves on the sweater?? LMK how it turns out.

ruth said...

LOVE the yarn in the second picture! Also the yarn for CIC looks great, how many pairs of socks will you get out of that?

Marie said...

Nice yarn!! so cheerful!

Sydney said...

Cute cars! I like the colors in the Webs yarn!

Patricia said...

That Trekking yarn must be very colorful as the sock doesn't look like the skein.