February 19, 2007

An educational weekend

Friday W and N slept over. I had gotten a couple of videos from the library and boy have times changed. One of the videos was the Grimm Brothers stories: Puss in Boots and The Master Thief. There was a shooting in the Masterthief which caught us off guard. Guess I'll have to watch all the videos first.

Saturday was spent on errands, fixing my Dad's computer, and knitting. I started knitting from one of the cones of yarn from Webs. There will definately be a contest down the road on guessing how many pair of socks I'll be getting out of those cones of yarn.

Sunday started with a call from D1 saying W was having trouble breathing and she was taking him to the er. 4 1/2 hrs later they were home after a terrible experience there. Lots of waiting with little attention. She'll be taking him to the regular doc today. ER filled with olderly people who had fallen on the ice this morning trying to get to church.

Sunday afternoon was time for a little education so off to New Haven to the Knights of Columbus Museum. It's an interesting place to poke around. The featured exhibits were The Swiss Guard (charged with guarding the Pope) and Crosses and Crucifixes (from all over the world made at different times, different materials).

Sunday evening was spent frogging the sock I was knitting from the cone of yarn, winding the yarn into skeins, washing the yarn several times, rinsing, and hanging to dry in the bathroom. Too scratchy to knit with. After repeated washings it did soften up well and bloom into some nice yarn. I'll try again today and it should go better.

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sydney said...

I usually like knitting from a cone of yarn, but the yarn can be very scratchy because of the stuff they put on it.