February 05, 2007

My new socks

I just love these socks. Not a yellow person or an orange person but I really love the way these look. They almost match (which had nothing to do with my matching skills) but still look totally different.
Nice pic out my front door but of course you can't see what I was seeing.
The red circle is my cat Charlie. He is sitting at the edge of some brush stalking .... waiting ... listening for a little field mouse to make a move. I've seen all my cats do this at one time or another.

I finished the knitting on my cic sweater but didn't get a chance to sew it up yet. I think the sleeves are a little short so I may have to add some rows. Gotta keep those little ones as warm as possible.


tonni said...

Lovely yellow socks... just waiting on spring to arrive :)

I've seen my cats stalking and waiting for the dog to come around the corner so they can play chase... only, he doesn't know they are doing this on purpose.. he thinks he has run them off once again :)

Anonymous said...

Another pair of gorgeous socks. YOu sure knock them out quickly.

I once watched one of my cat leap and catch a Red-Winged Blackbird as it flew over her head. I was stunned for a moment, unbelieving what I had just seen. But quickly gathered myself and managed to rescue the bird before my Tara had time to do it any real damage. Lucky for the bird, she had not even bitten into it when I caught her and released it. It flew off totally unharmed, just a bit shaken up. LOL :)

ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I also just love those socks! I have some and will now knit them up after seeing yours. Of course that project will go on a to-do list that is ever growing!
I love the work you do for CIC. Many Blessings to you for your thoughtfulness!