February 27, 2007

2007 finished objects 21 and 22

I finished this pair on Sunday. It's been busy around here. Everyone is ill. D2 and D3 both have really bad colds. I spent Saturday over at D1's to try to give her a break. She's got so funky URI which won't go away. Her hubby has a URI with an ear infection that actually burst the ear drum while he was sleeping. My 4 yr old grandson W has pneumonia. He had a fever all day Thursday which spiked to 105 after his nap. Quite frightening. He seems to be on the mend.
Finished this on Monday. More cic socks with knitpicks yarn
Almost done with these which I think will be my favorite pair of socks ever. LOVE THIS COLORWAYS!!!!

Woke up to this yesterday. I love to sit out there in the summer and sip coffee. No coffee sipping today unless it's ice coffee. This is perfect snowman snow. W called yesterday to ask if I was going outside to play. He was sad because he couldn't go outside. I think he just wanted to make sure that I wasn't having fun without him. lol


ruth said...

Sorry to hear that there's so much illness about. I'm sending warm thoughts for a speedy recovery for all of you.

22 items finished this year!! Wow, you are productive.

Lynn said...

Great socks!! And I love the picture of the snow on the deck. Notice how under the table doesnt have any snow on it. I have a picture of my bbq grill with snow on it. Somehow they just dont seem to match!! LOL
Hope everybody gets well quickly. I HATE those high fevers, very scary is right. This year has been rough on EVERYBODY!

Lovs2Knit said...

I hope you all start feeling better. My mom ended up with pneumonia and has been miserable for a week or so now. High fevers are always scary, specially in little ones and even more frightening when you can't get the fever to come down.
I love that colorway too. What is the colorway on the third pay of socks, it's very pretty.
My daughter would faint if she seen that much snow. She's itching to build another snowman. :)

Karen said...

Aw, I hope everyone gets better soon. It sucks being sick no matter what your age.

All your socks look great!

Flopper said...

Nice socks, Eikon keeps making his too big. what sort of slav are you?

sydney said...

Cute socks! I like the colors in the third pair. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

monica said...

Sorry to hear everyone is sick. I still have a cough from my pneumonia and that has been weeks ago. Hope they all feel better soon. Love your socks. My Trekking 100 socks are one of my favorites too.

Debra said...

Finish the Trekking 100 socks-- you won't be sorry! I knit mine about 1-1/2 yrs ago, and I wear them all the time. They're part of my "Friday Happy Socks" collection.

In fact, I went out and bought another skein!

Ruth said...

Nice socks! Nice restraint not going outside to play without W! (was it hard to resist?)