February 12, 2007

Haven't posted knitting pics in a while

But that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting. Above are 2 more pair of socks for CIC.
And one pair of socks for me. I love these because the colors are cheerful and girlie.
Then we come to this sweater. I finished it to this point over a week ago but I just can't bring myself to stitch it up and call it done. Why? I arms are too short. I can't find the link to the pattern but I used a size 4 long sleeved shirt to determine that the arms will hit about mid forarm. That will just not do!

I followed the size 4 pattern but knit the body in the round instead of flat. I also knit the body 9" long because it just seemed a little short to me (wanted to make sure the sweater went past the waist to keep the child warmer). I added an additional 4 stitches to the length of each arm too.

So now I've got 3 options: 1) rip back and add enough stitches to lengthen the arm by about 3 inches 2) pick up stitches at the arms and knit to lengthen the arms 3 inches or 3) sew it up and let it go as is.

Opinions anyone?


monica said...

I don't see anything wrong with naming your exercise bike, makes it seem more friendly. I think the sweater looks something like the guide post t sweater http://www.dailyguideposts.com/giveaways/ClassicT-Top.pdf Love your socks too.

ruth said...

Love your 'girlie' socks! I'd pick up the stitches in a contrast colour, maybe the green and knit it to the length you want.

Lynn said...

So what did you decide to do with the sweater?? Great socks too btw.

Ruth said...

Have you frogged it yet? If not, I vote for option #2--pick up stitches and knit a cuff on each side. Use a different color and make it look like part of your original intention!

I've made that pattern, and added 10 sts to each side (for future reference.)

Heidi said...

I would rip back and add enough stitches to lenthen the arm, but that is just me...