October 04, 2006

Why I love my mailman!

Really I needed more yarn. After making the scarf and socks out of this Opal Batik I've got to say I just love this yarn!
And included in the package was this little baby Opal (regular Opal skein to show the size).
Very cute little thing. I think it'll end up as socks for the virtual baby shower.
I had a problem with some yarn a while back. Instead of 2 ends each skein seemed to have about 50 ends. I emailed Knit Picks and they sent out 2 more skeins ..... no questions asked. They came yesterday and I already balled them to make sure everything was ok.
I frogged my first attempt at a shawl and started a new shawl last night. Too lazy to take pics so that'll be another posting for another day.


lorinda said...

I'm so in love with the baby Opal!

Vivian said...

The baby Opal is so cute. Love your train back ground! hmm, how come I didn't think of it ....

kristi and otis said...

I love that ity bity skein of opal. I have never seen the Batik before at any of LYS - where did you find it??? The colors are gorgeous.