October 02, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 11

I just couldn't muster up enough time to post this last week .... Probably because I was so disappointed in this show. Anyways, we're down to the final 4. We have wild print Uli, sexy hip hop Michael, I plunge everything to the navel Laura, and I'm so great and no one else is Jeffrey.

The challenge is to design anything they want. Anything at all. Evening gown, sport wear, beach wear, clothes to go to the grocery store. Anything at all that will give the judges a peek at what they will being to the runway at Olympis Fashion Week in NY. 30 minutes to sketch and $250.00.

Uli gets hummmm a wild print. Gee who would have thought Uli would get a wild print. Oh I know EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER WATCHED THE SHOW!!!! Michael decides to do an evening gown but doesn't really have a design when he picks out the fabric. Jeffrey is doing a "romantic red, white, and blue dress" to show the judges that he isn't all rock n roll grunge. Laura will be doing what Laura always does.

Michael is stuck. Can't decide on what to make. Sketches, sketches, sketches. You just feel bad for him. Uli makes this huge mumu wild print thing that would look great on nobody. Jeffrey's dress is starting to look like something Snow White might wear, and Laura is doing what Laura always does.

Day 2 Uli takes her dress apart and turns it into something shorter, more form fitting, and hipper. Jeffrey's fractured fairy tale dress just doesn't seem to look well made or like anything an actual grown woman would wear. Michael's dress has a keyhole front that is all keyhole and no front. Getting scared for Michael. And Laura's dress is the classic Laura's dress.

Off to take pictures in the street and choose one to present to the judges along with 3 words to discribe the designer's style. This is getting tense because both Michael and Jeffrey could be sent home based on this challenge ...... and this my friends is where I just can't believe I've wasted almost an hour watching this.

Runway show, judges questions, judges comments, and designers off while the judges make a decission. The winner is Uli. I wasn't thrilled with any of the dresses but Uli's was something fun and wearable. Would the judges think one note Laura should go home? If she continues to design feathers could be in short supply in the world. Nope Laura is going to fashion week. In fact so are Michael and Jeffrey. So the final elimination was actually show 10 because all 4 are going to fashion week.

What a waste of an hour! You know what this was like? It was like when I watched the movie Far and Away with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. I started watching. Nice movie. Great scenes. Movie continues. Nothing really wonderful. I've been sitting there for almost 2 hrs. It's not really worth watching but I'm so close to finishing ..... do I turn it off or continue to watch it? I continue. And after 140 minutes all I can say is "Yup I watched Far and Away."

So this weel will be the reunion show where it looks like we'll get to hear Keith whine about getting kicked off for cheating, followed by Tim going to each desinger's house to see how they are progressing of their collection, and then the actual Runway shows which are already out of the web.

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