October 18, 2006

Project Runway 3 ... the final show

And not a moment too soon in my opinion. This season has been more than a little boring. I haven't agreed with most of the decisions on who wins and who goes. It's been very predictable.

The first part of the finale started last Wednesday. We met the designers again at their homes as they worked on their collections. Then Michael, Laura, Uli, and Jeffrey came back to NY for fashion week. Right from the minute Jeffrey walked in the door Laura seemed to have a problem with him. She had obviously been offended by something he did/said on the shows already airing.

Jeffrey had everything finished. Not a stitch left to sew; just fitting the models. He does this for a living so he knew what he wanted to do and did it. He was ready for a last minute project the producers might throw his way. Everyone else had a ton of work left to do. So Laura decided that it was obvious that someone else must have done all Jeffrey's sewing. No reason why, no evidence, nothing but a feeling.

So tonight we find out if Jeffrey did have outside help. We also get to see the runway shows and find out who won season 3. At this point I really don't care but I've been watching up to this point so what the heck.

** Season 3 is now history. Jeffrey was not cheating. He couldn't produce a receipt for something so he had to pull a piece out of his collection last minute and substitute something else. He started crying when Tim Gunn announced there was no cheating. Uli hugged him forever trying to console him. Laura actually said, "It wasn't my intent to make Jeffrey cry." No I think her intent was to get him disqualified so he couldn't compete.

The runway shows were interesting although they kept leaving the models to look into the crowd. Very disjointed. Here's how we saw it at my house.

Michael: Very tight, very sexy. Almost too sexy for the average woman to wear. He did a nice job but his lack of experience showed. Michael will do great in the future. PR was a great way for him to show what he could do. It just wasn't going to be his day to win.

Laura: All evening wear for $5,000.00 a plate charity benefits. There are a bunch of naked black birds in the world now that Laura has shown. Couldn't deny that it was a beautiful collection but I thought wow that's a lot of black. D2 thought Laura would win.

Uli: Beautiful, beautiful, wearable clothes. Any woman could find a piece to buy and wear. Hip styling, wonderful cut, and beautiful colors. S1 thought Uli would win.

Jeffrey: Interesting collection in which the fabric from one piece turned up in the next outfit only different. His collect seemed to be the most complete with all the pieces fitting together with the exception of 2 dresses that just didn't seem to work. I thought Jeffrey would win.

The judges had words of praise for all the designers. Michael was aufed first. Next was Laura. Uli left the runway leaving Jeffrey as the winner. This was probably the only decission they've made so far this year that I agreed with. Jeffrey did deserve the win. He has a hip, unique point of view which he seems to be able to get across.

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