October 29, 2006

Meet you at the pool

My daughter, D1, wanted to sign W up for swim lessons at the town pool. He's only 3 1/2 yrs old but he really wants to swim. So every Saturday morning for a half hour W is in the pool with 8 other kids and 2 instructors learning to swim. It's very cute.

Now the thing with living in the same town as your family is that you never know who is going to show up to watch. Yesterday I arrived before W and his mom. I put down my stuff and pulled out my knitting to kill time. Yes folks I really do knit everywhere.

There was a boy about 4 yrs old on the other side of the table. He kind of wandered over to check out what I was doing. I keep my take along work in an old gift bag so he must have thought there was some exciting toy in there. lol. I explained that I was knitting socks. He told his mom who commented that her grandmother use to make socks and mittens for her when she was young. Knitting is always a good conversation started.

After a short time W and his mom came in and W hopped in the pool. We were sitting chatting when my hubby "stopped in while doing some errands." More knitting, more talking when who should arrive but my dad aka Papa. He was heading across town to get his oil changed and decided to pop in for a moment. So here we have great grandfather, grandfather, grandma and mom all there to watch one little 3 1/2 yr old learn how to swim. Yup, we're a little obsessed with the kids.


Lynn said...

I think this is wonderful! It shows that little kid he will always have family backing him up. Kudos to you and your family!!

lorinda said...

How blessed you are to have family so close together! What a heritage for your grandson.

monica said...

What a lucky little guy. I would love to still have family close by to pop in on the kids milestones

Patricia said...

Pool knitting is one of my favorite pasttimes. Just don't try knitting complicated lace projects and talking at the same time.:)