October 16, 2006

Get the extinguisher ......

Because these knitting needles are going to catch fire from all this speedy knitting.

So Saturday morning I remembered that I had to get something done for my 6 month exchange partner. So I started a pair of socks. Opal Uni which is one of my favorite yarns (wash and wear) . The color is more of a terracotta than orange. Not really the same color showing in the picture. They are moving right along ..... And I mailed out the package for my ISE3 pal this morning too. I really loved the way it came out. Filled the box with a few extras and out it went. I did 6 pr of booties for the triplets.
I usually don't use cheap acrylic yarn much anymore but baby booties tend need quite a bit of washing so these are wash and wear. I hope the boys don't get lost in the woods in those booties.
And finally I finished hat #3 for the babies too. Still not happy with the top but I think the more I'd try to jazz them up the worse they'd look.

I also played with the grandsons Saturday morning and babysat all 3 of the grandsons Saturday night. My little dollie A wouldn't go to sleep so I just had to hold her and walk with her for hours. Hey a gram's gotta do what a gram's gotta do.


Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor. That first like just cracked me up! But your knitting is gorgeous as well, and I love what you did with the dual I-cords on the hats. Nice little added touch.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will try and stop in more often and see how you are doing too. Your scenery is much like ours - Breathtakingly beautiful!

Have a great day,
Sandie :)

monica said...

Love the booties and the hats. Baby items are just too darn cute. I love Opal sock yarn too since it is virtually indestructable.

lorinda said...

Sounds like tough work being a Gram. ;)

Love the baby goodies and the socks.

Heidi said...

Can I be nosey and ask what pattern you used for those adorable hats? I really like the way they fit...