October 20, 2006

Friday already

It's fall and time to get the fireplace chimney cleaned. We had the interesting experience of having a chimney fire 2 yrs ago. If you've never had one of your own let me tell you now that it's extremely loud, very hot, and quite frightening as you watch 2 fire trucks, a police car, and 20 volunteer firefighters pull up to your house (small town so the firehouse is all volunteer). Nothing was damaged but now we make sure we have the fireplace cleaned every year. We've been burning wood every night all winter for the last 25 yrs so I guess we've been on borrowed time for a long time.

This is the fall colors today. Doesn't it look wonderful? Not! Rainy, foggy, windy, and getting colder. Great day to be stuck inside working for sure.

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Patricia said...

I hear you loud and clear. We just had out chimney cleaned as well. Now send some clooler weather down south. We'll have to forgo the lovely leaves.