May 29, 2007

Wedding pics

A lovely evening as Dorrie and Bobby because Mr and Mrs Robert Boyd.
My brother Andy and his wonderful wife Diane. The lady in front is my mom. Another pic of the bride and groom. They are just a wonderful couple. So caring and considerate of each other. Definately a love built on a strong foundation of friendship. I won the center piece for sending back my rsvp first. My sister in law (who I would hate if she wasn't so nice) made every friggin thing you could think of for this wedding. Invitations, programs, flowers, favors, etc.

How about a wedding rant? I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dorrie's father and step mom. I had met them 2 yrs ago at a cookout for Dorrie's birthday. They live about 10 minutes away but didn't show up until 15 minutes before the party was supose to end. Obviously the step mom didn't want to come at all because she looked disgusted at everyone and didn't say a word.

After dinner, I went outside to make a quick phone and to get some fresh air. Andy followed me and we had a little chat after my call. I said, "Boy is Charlie's wife a sourpuss. What a face all night. Should have done everyone a favor and just stayed home."

Turns out I wasn't the first person at the table to send back my rsvp after all. She had. Responding that no they would not be coming. Why? Because the bride decided that she would be walked to be married by her mother and Andy. The step mom took great offense to this and decided that they would not attend.

Two weeks ago Charlie grew a backbone and called to say they had changed their minds and would be attending but he would not rent or wear a tux.

My sister in law and brother didn't let on that there was an issue. The father and his wife were included in pictures, listed in the program as parents of the bride (very classy that they left out the word "step" when referring to everyone), escourted in by a groomsman to the ceremony, announced at the reception, and the father danced with his daughter for the father/bride dance. I wish I could say I would have been as forgiving of everything but I honestly don't think I would have been.


gypsyknits said...

OMG! The wedding...........I am attending my niece's wedding this coming sat. Her father aka my brother is married to the "wicked stepmother" and I'm not kidding on that. They have yet to tell my niece whether or not they will be attending the wedding or whether my brother will walk her down the aisle. They have not sent the rsvp even tho the wicked step mom harps about etiquette all the time. On top of all this we were informed by my niece that a relative of the groom to be is a faerie. YES! you heard me. A faerie. With wings, tights and a sprite dress like thing. Now I have never seen this but I'm curious. The faerie is getting married to a girl, who believes she is a faerie, in July and he and she are having a faerie wedding. He truly believes he is a faerie, so we are told. I'm tellin' ya there are nuts out there. I'm thinking I"ll have to post this on my blog.
The wicked step mother knows nothing about the faerie so this should be very interesting. Weddings bring out the best and the worst in people, don't they?
The pics look nice and the wedding couple looks very happy. Congrats!

herself75 said...

SO sad when people can't play nice for their own kids' wedding!!

when my Brother got married, my family was strategically placed between the bride's mom's side and her dad's side. GROW UP!

I'd pay to see that faerie wedding!

ruth said...

Lovely wedding photos!

I was saved the problem of my parents' inability to be civil to each other because my father was living in Thailand and unable to attend.

My husband (to be) and I walked down the aisle together to symbolise the starting of a new life together, and instead of asking 'who gives the woman' the celebrant asked 'do you our family and friends affirm our marriage' and they got to say "We do".

From what you've said think this bridal couple was extremely gracious. I know I couldn't have been in similar circumstances.