May 09, 2007

A conversation with W

W: Hi Gram. What are you doing today?
Me: Just working. What are you doing?
W: I was playing trains but N took my train. I had Donald and N just took him. I don't like Donald too much so I didn't hit him to get it back.
Me: Oh, that's good. So did Great grandma and Papa (great grandpa) come up to visit yesterday?
W: Oh yes. We had company yesterday. We don't have a lot of company now that we live far, far away.
Me: Well it's not that far. (it's a little over an hour) I'm coming for a visit this weekend.
W: Yes Gram it's far, far away so we don't have much company anymore. And when we go somewhere we are in the car a long time.
Me: I'm going to come up to see you this weekend. Is that ok?
W: (all excited now) Oh yes! Hey Gram, when you come up don't forget your lollypops. You'd hate to have to drive all the way back home to get them if you forgot and you know how little children love lollypops.
Me: Ok I'll remember them. So what's N doing?
W: Playing with the train he took from me.
Me: What's A doing?
W: She's taking a nap. Little babies like to take naps since they can't do anything.
Me: That's true. Babies can't do as much as big boys. What's mommy doing?
W: She's in the basement doing laundry.
Me: She does a lot of laundry.
W: That's because we are messy people.
Me: And what's daddy doing?
W: (taking the phone away from his mouth) Hey, dad. What the heck have you been doing today? (dad listing stuff in the background like fixing shingles on the house so they can get it painted, wiring for some phones, replacing some electrical outlets, gardening) Gram he's been pretty busy today but not as busy as me.
Me: You've been busy? What have you done today?
W: Had breakfast, played outside, helped dad in the garden, rode my bike, played trains, and I didn't hit my brother. Gram, maybe you should bring me 2 lollypops when you come up so I'll have more energy.
Me: I guess not hitting your brother is hard work.
W: Yes it is.


Trish "luvs2knit" said...

lol...your grandkids are so cute. :~)
Better remember those lollypops. :~)

sydney said...

LOL! That's so cute. Maybe you should bring three lollipops in case he's extra tired. :)

herself75 said...

ROFL! my mom keeps a bag of lollypops in her car just in case!

Karen said...

Double reward for not hitting his brother, too funny! What a great conversation.

Lynn said...

Gotta love that kid logic!! LOL