May 14, 2007

Rant to Win Contest

Got a good rant? Please share it with me. You can name names, places, dates, anything you want. Just get it off your chest. Prizes will be posted after I look thru my stash but it'll probably be sock yarn. Random drawing on 5/31/07.

I'll start it off with my current crappy situation:

I'm in the middle of a stupid customer service nightmare with friggin Walmart that just can't be believed. I ordered a swingset for my grandkids thru their website and used the site to store option figuring that we'd pick it up at the store, drive it to their house, and set it up. No problem. Delivery to the store in 7-10 days. You'll get an email from the store and then you'll have 21 days to pick it up. $159.00 plus $9.54 tax. Great!

After 14 days I emailed the website to ask status. I got a call from the store saying, "Yes your swingset came in a week ago (they never called or emailed) but it was damaged in shipping." I asked if they had ordered a replacement. "No we can't do that." I asked them to cancel the order and refund my credit card. "No we can't do that. You have to come to the store and decline accepting the damaged set. Once you do that then you can go back on the website and reorder it." I said I didn't want it just refund my credit card. "Nope, you have to come in."

So I stopped in at Walmart in Waterbury, CT to decline to accept my set and get a refund. The customer service desk knows nothing. They call a manager. They call a manager again. They call a manager for the 3rd time. After 15 minutes the manager calls back saying tell her to come back tomorrow. Nope, I'm not leaving. I want my money. I tell her to call him again and tell him I want my money now.

Another 15 minutes and up walks an assistant manager, Allan, who says that I should come back tomorrow. No, I want my money. We go back to the site to store section and he takes my id, looks thru the computer system, sees my order, goes in the back and sees the damaged box, comes back and spends the next 10 minutes trying to get me a credit. Nope the computer won't let him do the refund. Could I come back Monday? No.

"Ok we'll have to get you a refund in cash from the store safe." Another 10 minutes of waiting. He hands me $159.00 has me sign a log. I ask for a receipt. "Nope there isn't one. The logbook is the receipt." Can I get a copy of the logbook? "No." Well you are under paying me because I was charges tax. "If you are owed more money just come back and we'll take care of it."

I get home check my credit card and sure enough I'm short $9.54. I email
help@walmart com and outline the situation. I get an email back today asking me to fax my receipt for the $159.00. I emailed back stating that there isn't a receipt and giving them the outline of this refund. As of right now I'm still out $9.54 and will never deal with ever again.

So that's my current rant. What's yours?


Chris said...

Argh! Of course, when asked to rant, my mind is going blank... Um, let's see... Oh yeah - what the heck is Always thinking, putting "Have a happy period" on their pads?! HELLO, person who designed the packaging!! Have you ever HAD a period?! Happy?! *snort* Yeah, right...

Beth said...

I don't shop at WalMart at all. And your post is yet another good reason to stick to my guns. I've got a rant but it'll wait for another night to write out. Don't want to get all stirred up before trying to fall asleep. :)

Mia said...

I think my entire blog is a rant. Does that count? Maybe not cuz there's a lot more yet to be ranted about... so it's not a COMPLETE rant yet.

And really.. Tuesdays are just about as sucky as Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've got one. Last week, the Postal Service, which had a significant price increase yesterday, sent out a beautiful color postcard proclaiming Saturday to be Food Shelf day. All we had to do was leave a bag of nonperishable food items by our mailbox, and our friendly postal carrier would take them to the food shelf for us. So I did. A bag full of good stuff--not junk, but really good stuff--and the mail truck came and went, left our mail, and left our bag. So, um, why did they spend the money on that nice mailing? And why didn't they take my bag of food???

This is the same postal carrier who won't deliver a package if my 25-pound tail wagging dog is in the yard. This would be the same dog that the UPS and Fedex guys stop to play with, even if they don't have a delivery for us. And when they do, they leave Milk Bones for the dog. So--doggy not much of a thread. Except to the POSTAL CARRIER.

I have other issues with our postal carrier, but I guess I'll stop now. :-)

Barb said...

I have one for you Canada Post...enough said LOL it takes 2-3 weeks too get anything or have my packages arrive to the US, almost just as long RIGHT in Canada BUT, get this, International takes only a week!!!???? Huh??? and why is it more expensive too ship IN country than it is too send OUT of country??

Kelli said...

This is perfect. I needed this today. Thanks. :)

First off, I am a grad. student. I am taking a Maymester course (4 weeks) and I expect it to be difficult because it is an accelerated course. There are three books, I wasn't expecting to read every page of the three books. Assumption one is wrong, I will be reading every page of all three. I also assume that I will have SOME additional reading, but not an inordinate amount. Assumption two is wrong, I have 10 articles to read outside of this ranging from two to forty pages. Class is Mon, Tues, Wed from 5-8pm.

Now, let me list what we are to have done before class today: read 109 pages, comment on said pages, write 2-3 paragraph commentary on pages but do not regurgitate the readings and post this to the website by noon, be prepared to talk about it in class tonight, write in your personal journal reflecting on said learning that is to have occurred in class and in the reading, and meet with your group to finalize your group project outline which is due Wed.

Hello?! When am I supposed to eat and sleep? Not to mention all of the other household things that have to be done.

On to our assignments: 3 project updates, one final "performance" project (in a master's level multicultural class, uh huh), 9 commentaries, personal journals truned in 3 times, readings of at least 100 pages for each class, class participation, field notes, and a final paper. In a FOUR WEEK CLASS! Did I mention that I'm stressed?

What about work? I have rabbits, I have to feed the rabbits. And the dog, and bathing, and getting dressed, and arrrgh! I'm in a panic and I want to smack him.

All in all, just a rant, not something I can fix because I can't take it any other time.

Karen said...

Ah Walmart...yep they suck!!!

My rant....driving in CT. Hate it. Almost everyday on the way home from work when I get off the highway, there are two lanes. One is for going straight, the way I need to go. And the other is for turning left. The lane for going straight is always long, so cars just drive in the lane that is suppose to go left and then cut in the lane going straight because they don't want to wait. This backs it up even more of course. Where do they get off doing this??? I get soooooo mad. I need to find another way home I think.... for my blood pressure.

Diane said...

I'm ready, since this just happened a few days ago. I stopped to get cash at an ATM inside my local bank. The machine wasn't responding and an employee told me that it was down for service. Then he suggested I go to the ATM at the GAS STATION down the road. I made a teller do the withdrawal after *horrors* they had to find a withdrawal slip way in the back. I guess I shouldn't expect to be able to get money, you know, at my BANK.

ruth said...

Dealing with anything official in South Africa is a nightmare. We live in a security complex and when people visit the gate is operated by our phone. It took Telcom 3 1/2 weeks to connect our phone, and it took the service guy two trips because he was missing parts. The kicker: When I complained to my neighbour about the wait she replied (in all seriousness) that 3 1/2 weeks was a short wait. I've since met another woman who waited 9 months to get a phone as her NEW house was built without a phone line and it took 2 different agencies to install it...

We also avoid the bank wherever possible. You know that wait time is bad when the bank provides sofas and tvs for its patrons. We have never been in the bank for a simple transaction for less than an hour. I always take knitting with me! It took almost 2 hours to open an account.

Kim said...

Okay, I admit I'm not a morning person. I'm a night person, so much so that my husband does mornings - waking up our dd (14, 16) driving them to school, etc. When hubby's out of town on business, he calls to make sure we wake up in the morning. I know how lucky I am. So what's the rant? 14yo kidnaps friends on birthdays. Today is Mary Susan's birthday. Hubby's out of town I am supposed to drop 14yo at one house at 6:30AM, drive home, drive the 16yo carpool to the high school, pick up 14yo and friends at the bagel shop and drop them at school by 7:40 so they can be at choir practice. I am also supposed to be nice when said 14yo tells me I almost ruined Mary Susan's birthday kidnapping because I got the time wrong (6:15, not 6:30).

All this, no coffee, too early, and oh, by the way, I have a 15 month old who also sleeps until 9:30 most mornings who has messed up this message 4, yes 4, times.

Next year, they are riding the bus and can walk if they miss it.

trek said...

Okay, here's a government rant that happened last year.

I registered my child for a summer day camp program run by our municipality's parks and rec department - cost about $125, paid in early June. They said she would do fine and they wanted to get more little kids in the program. Silly me, I thought that that meant that they were actively trying to get more kids.

We showed up on the first day of camp - first week of July - and since it was a rainy day, the location was switched to the local middle school's gym.

The teenaged counselors were all ready to play dodge ball, basketball, kickball, etc, etc. Um, hello? This is a 3½ year old. She has no concept of team sports. Turns out the teen were not equipped to handle really little kids. Spoke with the one adult there. She said no problem, just go to the rec office and they'll give you back your money.

Couple of days later, I did go to get my money refunded. The clerk told me I couldn't have my money back. Um, why not? The program wasn't right for my kid and your program director said no problem.

Get this: the TOWN COUNCIL has to vote on the refund. It really is just a formality, you see, but checks and balances, accountability, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Upshot? I had to wait until middle of August to get my money back - that the town held from the beginning of June.

uberstrickenfrau said...

Oh, my. A rant, mines about my Kids.yesterday on the paper route, they finished their section and went back to the car to wait, and thought it would be fun to beep the horn about a zillon times before I got back.Nothing like listening to a car horn a block over and just KNOWING its yours. I TOLD them not to do that ,like, EVERY SINGLE DAY . Sheesh, I was so mad I told them they had to clean thier rooms untill it was spotless and nothing was out of place. Then I went and ate a box of weightwatchers chocolate cakes, guess they call 'em that because you watch yourself gain weight.heh.

Heide said...

On a recent shopping expedition with my 10 year old daughter I noticed that the fad of having words printed across the butt of one’s pants is still in vogue with the younger crowd. Popular phrases included “Sweet”, “Girls Rule”, “Juicy” and quite a few name brands too. And just who buys these pants? Unfortunately it’s often teen females with uh, hmm, how can I put this delicately… “large posteriors”. Now, I personally do not possess compact buns of steel. Keeping this in mind, I would never consider transforming this ample region into a walking billboard. In fact, I’d consider this to be akin to Hester Prynne’s scarlet “A”. So my question is this… why do these young ladies do this? Maybe it’s a lack of self value as individuals in our shallow and materialistic society. Or maybe they actually think they look good. As my friend Karen once said, “It is possible for children to have too much confidence.” As adults we should at least encourage our youth to be truthful and comfortable with themselves. And just to show that I’m willing to practice what I preach, here are my new “designer” jeans.
Thank you!

sweet said...

Here is my rant.............. I have been taking my 15 year old daughter to the Doctor since Dec for one thing after another, they ran test after test nothing, no reason for the high blood pressure and headaches. MRI's, Cat Scans, blood work out the wazoo, trips to thyroid specialists, think it may be her teeth, could be some thing wrong with her head, No periods due to tyroid disease, rapid pulse rate of 132, suppose to be below 80. Doctor after Doctor, test after test, blood test after blood test nothing. The Hmo sends us back to the thyroid Doctor to see if she needs to be put on meds, He is listening to her stomach and says do you have the hick ups. Hummm no, That would be because when he put the stethoscope on her stomach the BABY kicked it off. She is 7months pg and not one Doctor or test figure that one out. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of test and nothing, i had to take her to a thyroid specialist to find out she is pregnant. Something is wrong with that one.................... to top it off when i take her back to the first Doctor they tell me with being on the pill and the overy disease she has, and the fact she rarely has periods without the pills, do you know how hard it is to get pregnant when you are like that, oh yes i believe them lol.

Debby said...

Our local CVS advertises rapid refill for prescriptions. You use an automated phone line and answer questions, and supposedly your prescriptions are ready as soon as you need them to be. One time I called on Monday. Went in on Tuesday. Was told that the RR line doesn't work and I'm much better off to call and speak to a person. They couldn't fill the prescription then, but the truck was coming tomorrow morning with deliveries, and so it should be ready the next afternoon. I go the next afternoon for pickup. I was told there was no delivery that day (now Wed) and they don't know who told me that, but the truck was really coming on Friday. At first they weren't going to give me any meds, but by this time I was down to my last allergy pill and needed a couple to get through to Friday, which they finally dispensed. Friday I finally got the prescription filled -- 5 days. I now go to Walgreens. :)

Mini-rant: my husband and I are cyclists (the serious kind in the helmets and weird outfits). I am tired of people in our local communities who don't know they must legally share the road with riders. They honk at us as if to say we should be on the sidewalk. Or, worse, they see us waiting at an intersection and cut us off, attempting to race through so they don't have to wait until they can pass us. This is so dangerous! I know that the non-helmet-wearing, non law-abiding people on bikes who don't signal give all cyclists a bad name, but I wish people could be that one or two minutes patient to wait to pass us so that no bodily harm is done.

I hope you get the rest of your money back soon!!

knottykitty said...

What a great contest! I love a good rant! I hope you live to see the rest of your money without ripping someone's eyes out! LOL! I'm contributing a rant that is waaaay to long to post in your comments, but it's from my blog a couple of months ago. I hope you don't mind following a link to the post to see it, but I was seriously P.O.'d, so it might be worth going there! :) Here's the link--hope you enjoy it:

Em said...

My Rant: Last autumn I graduated with my Master's degree. Having seen the seedy underbelly of academia (but that's a whole other rant!) I decided to try the "real world" out for a change, to take some time away to see if I really want to pursue a PhD or not, and maybe even make some money... This sounds all fine and well, right? But I ask, how can employers be looking for well-educated people if they also require 3-5 years of "experience"? How can one get workforce experience if you can't be hired because of "overqualificaiton"? (I also find it amusing that one can be too "qualified" to get the job with no "experience"!) The only people that will take me seriously are academics, and temp agencies. Well, now I have some "experience": "temping" at a university for more that 6 months! The irony of the whole thing does not escape me.

theresa said...

Alright, my rant. I just got an invitation to my cousin's daughter's birthday party. She's going to be six years old. Gone are the princess themes and other little girl things. This year's invite was Bratz. For those of you who aren't familiar with these (lucky you), they are pouty lipped overly sexualized dolls marketed to little girls. The ones on the invite are wearing heels and fishnets, for crying out loud!

If that isn't bad enough, I spotted the purse she (the daughter) was carrying on mothers day. The sight of that little playboy bunny on the purse made me think that maybe, just maybe, all the less than kind things I felt about my cousin were actually quite valid. I just wanted to scream when I saw it. She's just six, she's not a little sex kitten!

And now I have to go spend an afternoon in a park with her, smiling and not criticizing how she choses live her life and raise her children (she has three, and is only 24). Not only that, but it's over an hours drive to get there... with my 10 month old daughter. I have better ways to spend my weekends, but it's family and I'll hear about it if I miss the party again this year. You all had better plug your ears, as I'm going to scream now.

5elementknitr said...

I've posted quite a few rants on my blog but here's a fresh one I just remembered. (I tried to post this comment a few minutes ago so if it's a repeat, sorry).

When I was stationed in Germany, I came home to CA on leave. I went to my bank (Wells Fargo) and tried to write a check for cash. (This was in the days before they gave ATM cards to everyone.) They wouldn't cash it because they said the address under my name was out of state. I pointed out that, actually, the address was out of country. Then I pointed out that the address of the bank issuing the check was THIS BANK! They still wouldn't budge.

I asked to see the manager and they told me he was out for lunch. I asked when he left and they said noon. Since it was almost 1p, I told them I'd wait. He didn't show up til after 2p. (This was also the days before I knew how to knit, sigh.)

I explained my situation and he still wouldn't let me write the check for cash. He did, however, let me close my account. Wierd.

Kat said...

I am a loan officer and I just received an email from my processing center that all phone calls and emails with inquiries on files in process will be on a 48 hour response time frame. Excuse me???? If I send you an email you won't answer it before 48 hours have elapsed? Hello???? Are you kidding me? Okay - does this make sense to anyone out there? If I suddenly determined that I would not return calls promptly - and waited 48 hours to return all calls and emails - I would not have any business!

They also informed us that "multiple emails and calls are just a BURDEN on our processing staff". A burden? Hello??? Do they want a job????

Okay - for the loud screaming and yelling that you are hearing - that's just me - RANTING!

Thanks for letting me share!

Fuzzy said...

OK, here's my rant, and boy you couldn't have picked a better time to have this contest. Names and places have been changed to protect the innocent and yes even the crapheads.

My boss is a workaholic who ignores his wife and kids. He and his wife own a company and this is all he does. She works in the office. I was hired last year so that she could get out of the office more often. Yeah right, every time she did, he had a fit.
Well about 6 weeks ago she started having serious back pain. She went to the Dr.'s and prescribed physical therapy. I had a sick kid at home last week and called in, I said to my boss, "I will be in later because your wife has an MRI today and I know how you hate to close the office." (heaven forbid, 98% of customers contact us by phone anyway) His reply was, "OH! I didn't know Jane was having an MRI." Grrrrrr.
Fast forward to this past Friday, Jane is now in so much pain that she can't walk so she is in the house for the day, rather than the office. I have to leave the office early on Friday because my mom came to town for a visit and her car broke. I say I will just back up the computers and lock up as it's only 3 hours until we close anyway. NO good, she has to get up have someone help her down the stairs and help her get into the chair by her desk. Nope, she can't sit in that chair so we get another one, prop pillows all around her. She is in absolute excruciating pain, but her hubby, Jeff insists that we stay open.
Saturday morning Jeff gets up and leaves Jane with two children (who are horribly undisciplined) to drive mom nuts while she is laying helpless in bed, so he can go turkey hunting. Jane ends up calling her mom who takes her to the hospital.
Jane has been in the hospital all week. Jeff has been just as busy at work, stopping in the hospital maybe once a day maybe not. His kids have been farmed out to grandparents. Jane is now schedule for surgery Friday and all of us at the office are praying that Jeff won't push her to come back to work before she is completely healed.
I just don't understand some people. They really don't get whats important and whats not. It just makes me sick to think of her sitting in her hospital bed trying to be brave through all this, while wondering where the heck is my husband.
Excuse me, I need to go home and kiss my hubby, who would sit by my hospital bedside until they discharged me. Thanks...I needed that.

Megan said...

Oh I'll add to the horrid postal carrier rant. We live at a condo complex, so we have small, apartment-style mailboxes. When we get large envelopes marked "DO NOT BEND", they are ALWAYS crammed in the mailbox. This is how my husband's PhD diploma and my PhD candidacy certificate got bent. I haven't received my PhD diploma, but I'm sure it will get the "special" treatment as well.

Melissa said...

If only I was better at typing... I hear ya!

monica said...

Ok I am sick of my work place. I am a nurse, I work nights, I work prn, as needed. In order to go into work at 10PM, (I have an hour commute) I need a nap so 1. I can stay awake, because i am up in the morning at 6 with my kids getting them ready for school and that is a long time to be up without a nap and 2. I can only give quality competent, care if I can stay awake all night and not have been sleep deprived. OK so the rant. I would say 3 or 4 times a week someone calls me at the crack of dawn and wants to know if I will work that night. My response is most often yes. So around 6 PM I lay down for a nap. then 80% of the time the phone rings at 9PM and it is work cancelling me, they are over staffed. Now one of the reasons they are over staffed is becasue they will have 4 people doing staffing during the day and none of them talk to each other, so they don't have a clue that they have got 6 people coming in to fill 2 spots until , oh say, 9PM. OK so now I have missed an evening with my family, I have taken a very restful nap, and everyones else in the house is ready to go to bed, becasue they need to be up at 6 AM to start their days. I am wide awake. That is until about 4 or 5 AM when I finally drop off to sleep, just in time to wake back up, this time not rested and a little grumpy, but I need to get the kids ready for school. So I get the kids on the bus, lay down to take a little nap and the phone rings it is the unit manager wanting to talk about my availability, she notices I have not worked yet this pay period. Ok now steam is coming out of my ears, I am tired and cranky and I have been cancelled 3 times already this week. I was only too happy to enlighten her about the situation, she didn't have much to say and I think she was glad to get off the phone. But I tell you what really makes me mad is when they don't call to cancel me and I drive up there (40 miles) only to find out that the person that called me didn't put me on the schedule and guess what they don't need me. OK so now I have napped AND have stopped at Starbucks for a double shot Latte, so I am really wired, I am good to go util at least 5 AM before I start to get a little sleepy, and I am a little unhappy with the situation. I keep telling myself 3 more years and I can retire from there and then find another place to work that is just a bad, but it will be new people and maybe closer to home. OK that is my rant, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Trish "luvs2knit" said...

OMG, I've similar nightmare with Wal-mart. If I didn't live 60+ miles away from the nearest city that has more then a wal-mart I'd never shop there again. I could probably rant on and on about wal-mart.
Here's my rant:
We were notified by the Air Force that hubby was getting orders off the base we are on....this was in April. We were told that we would know where we were going by the 15th of May. On the 15th of May the other guy in my hubby's shop was told where he was going. Hubby never received notification. So the next day, 16 May, hubby calls up the people in charge of handling the orders and asks the guy why he wasn't notified. The guy's answer "Well that's just the way the Air Force works sometime. I don't have a good explanation as to way you haven't been notified. If you haven't heard anything in a week, call us back". What kind of BS answer is that! They are only handling moving a small handful of people. So we are hanging here in Nowhere Land because some Butt Head doesn't want to do his job. Makes me want to scream every time I think of it.

Just A Knit Wit said...

Hmm, I thought I posted this once before, but it didn't show up.

This past Friday I was collecting $$ from co-workers to buy raffle tickets at a charity event I was attending that night. Everyone gave, except one man, who asked if I would buy in his place, since he didn't have the cash.

So I bought $20 worth of tickets for him with my own money. Fast forward to Monday, I remind him that he owes me the cash. He acknowledges me, then disappears. Tuesday I remind him again and he asks me who to make the check out to. I tell him to make it out to me, cause the event is over and I paid out of my own pocket and now he's all pissy because he won't have any proof so he can deduct his $20 from his taxes at the end of the year.

Are people completely incapable of donating money to a charity without getting a tax break in return? He actually wants me to write to the charity to get a reciept for his $20.

Personally... I think helping the kids with cancer is enough of a reward.

Danielle said...

I would rant. But this situation has me just too worn out.

Lynn said...

Let's see......Abt 2 weeks ago a business associate asked dh if he could design a web site. His company signed up with another company to design one, paid that company $5000 and has yet to see anything. They need a website up NOW, can DH do it? Sure he can. He spends the entire wknd on the computer and on the phone with this associate, finalizing exactly what he wants done. On Friday they have a teleconference, the web site is approved and they AGREE to pay dh $2000. He bills them and expects the amt to be in the pay pal act on Monday. The following Wed he calls up the business associate to see if there is a problem. He hadn't been paid yet which meant that the web site still wasnt up. With the urgency of getting it on line, he wanted to know if there was more work that needed to be done. *Oh we're sorry, we decided to wait on the guy who we already gave the money to*
I can understand that they'd want to try to get their money's worth from the first guy, but DONT make my dh spend 5 days (including a wknd) working on an URGENT website, make all these changes, and then change your mind.
BTW, the website STILL isnt live.

AND OMG abt walmart!!! Come back tomorrow for a refund?!?!? The mgr couldnt help you???? what?!?!? Can you file a complaint with the BBB????

gypsyknits said...

My 20 yr old DD lives here while attending college. She was ill for several days. Fever, know the drill. In the middle of the night (2 am to be precise) she comes into our room, crying. I ask what is wrong. She says she has a stiff neck and can't move it. She's coughing and she had a fever of 103. I called the dr. and got the phone message to go to the hospital if you think this is an emergency. Having 4 kids, I knew the stiff neck and high fever was not good. So I jumped and ran her to the er. They ran tests immediately to rule out meningitis. Thankfully she didn't have that.
Fast forward: The insurance company rejected the claim. I called. Insurance: "Mam, we have rejected the claim because the dr report says she did not have meningitis. So this was not an emergency."
Me: okay. I am thankful for that but how was I to avoid going to the hospital?
Stupid Insurance: You could avoid the er by taking your child to the dr.'s office.
Me: In the middle of the night? Anytime one of my kids show up in my room int he middle of the night and or any other time for that matter with a stiff neck and a high fever, I'll take them to an er.
SI: Mam, could you hold? I have to speak to the supervisor.
Me: I hold for 10 minutes! Must be having a conference.
SI: Mam? you need to write an appeal. Now, we may not accept it but you can write one.
Me thinking: Of course you're not going to accept this, you just want me to spend my valuable time writing an appeal so you can reject it again.
Me: So what exactly am I appealing?
SI: If you could put in writing what you think the problem was and if you could determine what you think the dr thought the problem was, we will review it.
Me: Riiigghhhhttt! Sure! You're going to take my word instead of the insurance review board?
SI: Mam? we will review your appeal.
Fast forward again: I spent 1 hour of my time writing the appeal. I spent 37 cents for postage and the money for the paper and ink to write the appeal and just as I predicted, they rejected it.
Insurance reject: We cannot process the above claim number as we do not consider this to be an emergency due to the diagnosis.

Now I ask. What is the point if the insurance company is going to determine the payment on the diagnosis. Why have insurance? What a joke!
Insurance! My biggest pet peeve!

Kenyetta said...

My rants...should I rant about work? I am a nurse at a 120 bed skilled nursing facility. There are 4 nurses and 1 evening supervisor for 120 patients. The supervisor is supposed to handle new admits, etc so we can do our med passes, etc. Lately our supervisor has gotten lazy, so last night I had to handle a new admit, new orders, etc while she sat in her office drinking coffee. I didn't start my 5 o'clock pass until almost 7. I finished at 9 but had to turn around and pass my 9 o'clock meds.
Should I rant about my 11 yr old daughter? Since she start hanging tight with this one girl, she lies all the time, became antisocial, even told her guidance counselor she wanted to run away because she felt we loved her younger sister more. I don't want to tell her not to be friends with this girl anymore but the girl is even influencing the movies she watches, the music she listens to, etc.
Or should I rant about my fiance? He is not working right now, that doesn't bother me what bothers me is I work 3pm to 3am. Why do I have to get up at 7am to get the girls off to school and walk the dogs???
And he wants to know why I don't want to have sex!!!

J said...

I just went to a concert at a large outdoor ampitheatre that had reserved seating and a general admission lawn seating. I paid for the reserved seats since i'm only 5 feet tall and thought that would be more comfortable and give me a better view. Once the main act took the stage everyone stood up and remained standing for the rest of the concert. I could barely see anything without standing on tip-toe or craning my neck over the tall people around me. What's the point of paying for reserved seats when you're not going to sit in them?

Channon said...

What a great contest, Diane! I'm afraid I don't really have a rant. I was raging about Amazon and an order that I couldn't track via the USPS site, but once I bothered to email Amazon, they immediately sent out a replacement package, so I hope whomever has my copy of Charmed Knits is enjoying it.

Eve said...

Here's my rant. It's not a rant about a personal experience, but mostly a release of my frustration about what's happening in the middle east. Some girl decided that she was going to date a Sunni Muslim, so one day she ended up being attacked by approximately 1000 men, stripped naked, had her head bashed in with rocks, and this whole thing was recorded with a cellphone for posterity. For f***ing POSTERITY. I try to think of what I would do in such a situation, and to be honest, I can't think of anything that would not have gotten me killed as well, or involved me machine-gunning a small portion of the population of the town. I just can't put into words how frustrating it is to see this sort of violence going on and know that no matter what I do, or what some celebrity does, or how much money I give to this or that organization preventing violence against women, there are still millions of people out there who think that it's ok to split a woman's head open with rocks, or to rape her, or to mutilate her genitals, and then to videotape it. A Canadian photojournalist, Zahra Kazemi, was arrested in Iran and tortured to death in 2003 for photographing an Iranian prison. She died of a skull fracture and was raped so savagely that she had abdominal and genital injuries. The truth was suppressed by higher-ups in the Iranian government and the guy behind it has not been punished. The doctor who examined her had to flee to Canada in order to tell his story.

I can't believe the kind of brutality that's going on over there, and all because women are considered morally and physically weak and expendable. It's absolutely disgusting.

Sorry to be a downer. I had to get that off my chest.

Betty said...

Last year I took all the classes and passed all the tests to become a teacher. But school started and I didn’t find a job so I took a job with a federally funded preschool program. I taught kids from 2pm to 5 pm. From 8am to 2pm, three other teachers taught three classrooms. One of these classrooms was horrible. One third of the kids seemed emotionally disturbed. They told adults to SHUT UP, hid under tables, in the easel, behind doors, ran from adults, would not do anything they were told to do. The teacher quit and I was put in there “temporarily” while they hired someone else. These kids could do whatever they wanted and I could do nothing about it. After 3 months on the jobs, I was given a decent performance evaluation. After 6 months, I had been in that room “temporarily” for 3 weeks and my eval was based on that. My coordinator wrote that I didn’t get along with others. Then she wrote that I got along with everyone. She wrote that I had stated that I didn’t want to work with young children. She wrote that I never handled problems on my own. She rated me so low that I was ineligible for raises and benefits. It turned out that they had decided not to hire another teacher but no one had told me. Another employee let me know and I asked the coordinator who agreed that was true. Just then, the phone rang and they had an applicant. They hired a woman who hit these kids all day until they complied with rules, who called their parents several times a day. They have a rule there they a person can not have a relative, including a sister-in-law, work under them. But our coordinator’s assistant is the mother of the coordinator’s nephew. She just never married the dad. Together, they take 2- or 3-hour lunches to “get things for the center” and come back showing what they bought for themselves or their kids. Sigh. That’s enough of a rant. Thanks.

ikkinlala said...

We've been getting phone calls from a collection agency called Canadian Bonded Credit several times a day for months now. None of us are in debt, and some of our friends and neighbours are in the same situation - does this company just pick random numbers out of the phone book to harrass? The worst part is that there isn't even a person on the other end of the line to complain to - it's a computer asking you to call a (toll-free) number to find out what's going on. This is clogging up our phone line and answering machine, and it's intensely annoying to answer the phone constantly for no good reason, but we haven't figured out yet how to stop them. I wish there was some way to destroy their computer at the touch of a button on our phone.