May 10, 2007

Signs of summer everywhere

From this .....
to this in about 2 weeks. This redbud is my fav tree in the yard.
Really puts on a great show every spring.
Along with a backyard filled with "beautiful yellow flowers" just waiting for my grandsons to come over and pick a ton to give to their mommy. My neighbors probably hate my guts for not spraying to get rid of these but I just love how they look. One man's weeds are another grams flowers. lol
And some knitting thrown in for good measure. Started a pair of socks and ran into a knot after the cuff. Since I don't know how the colors run I frogged and started over after the knot. Green shawl peeking in there saying, "Hummm, Diane did ya forget about me?" She's been neglected so far this week.


Devonshire said...

Those socks look great and the red bud is gorgeous! I have put together a little contest for my group so if you are interested in participating - check back at the dishcloth swap site for the details.

Trish "luvs2knit" said...

Beautiful Tree! Oh if my hubby seen you "yellow flowers" he'd be running around with the weed killer. :~)

Karen said...

Beautiful tree! My hubby would freak out too seeing your yellow flowers. If it were up to me I wouldn't bother with them either.

I hate knots in self patterning sock yarn! It throws everything off.