May 07, 2007

Swap stuff

Doesn't this just scream spring? One of my msn groups had a dishcloth exchange and I was very lucky to be matched with Sherry. She has mad crochet skills.
I, on the other hand, should have been in the remedial knitting class. I actually sent out my dishclothes without snapping a pic of them because by the time I was finished I was really FINISHED! I'd love to tell you that it was a hard pattern, complicated and difficult but it wasn't. It was just me screwing up over and over again. Sometimes the easiest things give you the hardest time.


Barb said...

Very pretty dishcloths :)

gypsyknits said...

That dishcloth looks so much like a doily. How pretty.

monica said...

Wow, those are gorgeous. Sherry was my swap partner is the scarf exchange and she crocheted a beautiful summer shawl for me. You got some lovely cloths.