March 26, 2007

Weekend round up

Very busy this weekend indeed. Still plugging away on a zebra sock for my son in law.
And started a shawl for the ISE4 .
I'm not sure if this one will go out to my pal or not. I've got some yarn on order that might be more to her liking. We'll have to wait and see. I love how this is coming out. The lace knitting seems to be easier this time around. I finished a secret project. It's blocking as we speak. Loved knitting this one! It's cool looking and an easy pattern to remember.
D1 and hubby spent the weekend working on their new house which means someone had to watch the little ones. This is little missy A discussing how she really would like to live at my house with me forever.
Meanwhile, W and N were outside playing in the last of the 8" of snow from last weekend. Supervising the snowplay was my dad and their dad (before he hopped in that red truck and left for the weekend).

W decided that it takes too long to drive to gram's house (10-15 minutes right now) so he told his mom that they should buy a house nextdoor to grams so they could just run there quickly. Wonder how he'll feel about being over an hour away?


Barb said...

what sweeties your grandkids are, I swear Megan tells my parents she "stay with nana and papa too" everytime we visit LOL

Heidi said...

looks like a ton of fun! I love the way that Regia is knitting up!! You are making me want to buy yarn... I am on a fiber diet..:) LOL