March 20, 2007

Smiley yarn makes me smile $87.40

You just can't beat their prices although the selection is limited. I bought 6 balls each of Cervinia Calzetteria sock yarn in Venice and Capri. I think they'll probably end up as CIC socks. 5 skeins of Hokey Pokey in lime. It's a happy color. I'm thinking some more 5 hr baby sweaters for charity. And 4 balls of Trellis in the stained glass color. These will definately be scarves donated to the town's human services department for the holidays.
Moving on ... 30 balls of bernat cotton; 10 each of Newport print, apple green and sea print. This is actually the reason for my trip over to the Smiley website. I'm knitting a ton of washcloths for my oldest daughter. She's been using the store bought ones and boy they wear out quick. The hand knit ones hold up so much better. Thinking of knitting designs into them like sail boats, bunnies, etc. The grandkids will get a kick out of them.
And 6 skeins of cotton ease to make some bibs for a pregancy center in town. Again, the hand knit ones are sooooo much better than the store bought bibs. 3 skeins each of popsical and candy blue.

For anyone keeping track we're up to $241.47 so far this year in yarn purchases. And there's another order of sock yarn coming in a while ..... but that's another posting for another day.


Anonymous said...

Some very pretty yarns you have there. I can see there will be a good deal of fun knitting them up into something lovely, nice and/or useful.

I love the wide striped socks too, and I have no doubt that any child would like them as well. Kids are far less fussy than adults any day. And they seem to really love brightly colored socks too.

Have a great day. :)

Barb said...

Very nice yarn haul :)

Karen said...

Pretty! That'll keep you busy for quite a while!

monica said...

I hope your gums heal quickly and without complication. The plus to that soft diet is it includes a lot of comfort foods. Wow! what a great yarn purchase. You will be super busy cranking out the wash cloths. I like the hand knit ones better too. I love the colors you chose.

Patricia said...

Looks like you could open your own yarn store. Hope you heal quickly. Don't eat too much comfort food!