March 28, 2007

Washcloths ..... the new addiction .....

These things are like potato chips .... can't make just one. Lucky for me I've got an internet filled with free patterns and 30 balls of cotton just waiting to become washcloths. First a cat.
Then a dog.
And a turtle too.
"Diane, I hate to tell you this but the cotton thing you put out on the bed is a little small. My furry butt barely fits on it. If you would kindly make the next one larger I would appreciate it. After all, I'm a bit on the large boned side," says Joey.
What's wrong with this picture? Two things. The town has a leash law and there are no dogs allowed in the beach area of this park. Guess these people don't think they have to follow either rule. At least most of the ice is off the pond so spring is definately in the air.


Lovs2Knit said...

Dishcloths are great for quick projects. I make them and set them aside to give to family when they want them.
Unfortunately there are always those who think they don't have to follow the rules.

Lynn said...

I love those washcloths, esp the cat. I really dont know why I dont do more of them.......Glad the ice is melting, and OMG those kids are adorable!!!

Karen said...

Dish cloths are a lot of fun. I made a bunch of them last year. They make great gifts!

sydney said...

Joey definitely wants his own washcloth.