March 26, 2007

Thanks Yolanda

A scarf from my new cyber friend Yolanda. Yolanda and I both belong to a great MSN group which has different exchanges during the year. This last one was a scarf exchange.

This is a really hard pic to take because no matter how hard I try I just can't show the scarf in all it's glory. Beautiful navy blue with specks of turquoise and white with a silver thread running thru the whole thing. D3 saw this and her eyes grew wide ..... meaning she wanted to grab and run.
Also included was a crochet bag which was beautiful done and a chocolate treat inside.
Thanks Yolanda!


Barb said...

The scarf looks pretty :) I found a KAL that you might like, it's the 52 pair plunge here's the link

you knit so many socks I KNOW you could do this LOL, I thought i'd let you know about it :) I joined, I figure it's a good way too get knitting the girls socks, they're pretty quick, and I finished the Cable Footies I just blogged about in a day and a half

gypsyknits said...

The scarf is beautiful. Those DD's can eye and snatch quickly.
I have been lame on blogging and reading. Between dyeing yarn and cleaning around here it gets overwhelming. But the cleaning is "on Hold" and now I have a life again. A Knitting Life.......that is. You really whip out the socks. Amazing. I have plenty of socks on the needles but I'm thinking I have the "second sock syndrome". LOL

monica said...

I know what you mean about the DD's and their (or should I say our) scarves. Mine confiscates almost every one that comes through the door. It is lovely.

ruth said...

It's a beautiful scarf!