March 12, 2007

socks and sweaters

Fo #25 is yet another pair of socks for me, me, me. So nice to finally open my sock drawer and be able to pick out a new pair of hand knit socks to wear every day. My hubby said I was a little greedy in my knitting so far this year and I responded, "SO WHAT!?!?!" My time, my yarn, my needles. I'll use them how I see fit. lol.
A craptastic shot of 2 5 hr baby sweaters I'm working on. Just need to seam them and decide between a hat or booties to go with them since I don't have enough yarn for both. These will go to my daughter's friend who is having twin girls next month.
And I'm plugging along on these wonderful red white and blue socks for someone very special who deserves all the hand made socks I can knit ..... me again ......... greedy knitter.

I knit every night usually 2-4 hrs depending on work and family. I also knit all friggin weekend every weekend for hours on end. If I'm sitting I'm knitting. If I'm waiting for water to boil in the kitchen I'm knitting. Watching tv or a dvd, knitting. Somewhere along the line I crossed hobby to obsession but everyone around me seems fine with it ..... as long as they get hand knit socks, scarves, etc.

This weekend was a flurry of things but I haven't put them all in perspective enough to talk about. The only thing I'll say now is that I had W, N, and little missy A for a sleepover Friday night and it was wonderful. Little ones in a house can't help but put a smile on your face. Messy house with toys everywhere = happy gram.


Karen said...

Like you, I have become very greedy with my knitting too. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty about it either.

Nice socks!

Lovs2Knit said...

I need to become I have one pair of socks and my daughter has like 6 pairs. Of course it could be due to the fact that she has a small little foot. :)

Anonymous said...

You have knit a lot of socks, but every one is gorgeous. Love the baby sweaters too. Aren't they fun to knit?

What did you ever decide to do with your orangy scratchy yarn? I can't wait to see what you knit it up into.

Take care, :)

Lynn said...

What greedy?? I see two baby sweaters just waiting to be gifted away!! Very adorable btw and I love the socks!

monica said...

I see nothing wrong with your knitting schedule. I knit all the time too, and I even get a bit perturbed when life interfers with my knitting. Your socks and baby sweaters are lovely.

sydney said...

There's nothing wrong with knitting things for yourself. You deserve it too. Besides, I see two nice little baby sweaters there.

ruth said...

Good for you for knitting for yourself! The new socks look wonderful. The baby sweaters are really cute too.

Marie said...

LOL! You are too funny! And the winner of these lovely socks is.....ME! LOL Love those socks...and the baby sweaters are so sweet. Thanks for giving me a good laugh!

Debra said...

ON the greedy/non-greedy front: I find that many giftees don't appreciate the gift. (Now, plenty do as well.)

There's nothing more disheartening than hearing, "Oh. Socks. ...ahh, thanks." (Eyore-like tone)