March 19, 2007

My weekend in review

What a weekend! I finished these socks for greedy sock person ME! Because the stripes were so wide I decided to match them. W saw them and fell in love with them so maybe I'll use this yarn for his socks in September. I'm kind of fence sitting because the stripes are so wide I don't know if they'd look good for kid's socks. I've got plenty of time to think about it.
These are my dreaded back stairs leading from the deck to the backyard. They may not look dreaded but they are. Friday morning at around 9 I decided to bring in a couple loads of firewood before it started snowing. I took one step and before I even had time to grab the railing I was on my ass at the bottom.

First thought in my head "Crap! I sure hope I'm not hurt." because no one was around and my son ... the only person home .... was probably going to be sleeping for another 3 hrs.

Luck would have it that the only damage was a HUGE bruise on my ass and a few splinters and cuts. Thank God I'm not a supermodel because I'm sure without that ass I would have suffered more extensive injury.

Saturday the grandkids were coming over for the day. Plow guy didn't show up so I ended up digging out one driveway with a shovel and unburrying 2 cars in case I needed to go somewhere. D1 and son in law showed up with the boys and little missy. My dad .... with his super baby tracking working perfectly .... showed up 5 minutes later. My dad LOVES babies so he spent the entire time holding missy A. My mom showed up a couple hours later so we had 4 grown ups watching 3 children. Pretty good odds.

We had a great day of watching the Fox and the Hound, playing games, reading, and nap taking. N wore up but told me him frog and dinosaur were still tired so this is what I found when I went up to bed that night.

I ordered chinese food for my parents, D1 and hubby, the little men, S1 and myself. What I ordered vs what I ended up with are 2 different things. I think they almost do that on purpose. It's like a mystery!

Sunday everyone came home from vacation filled with stories and chatter. I've been doing laundry ever since. They would have done their own laundry but everyone has school in the morning so lots of scurrying around to make sure all assignments are done and books are ready.

Current secret project in progress. Believe it or not it's not a sock! I love how it's coming out and can't wait to share pics in a couple weeks. I'm also working on a sock in Opal Zebra but that's been put aside until this secret project is completed.


sydney said...

There's nothing wrong with knitting yourself some socks. I'm glad you were hurt too badly in your fall. A friend of ours recently broke his wrist when he slipped and fell on an icy parking lot.

ruth said...

So glad you weren't hurt in your fall. My husband has dreaded stairs in his building at work, every member of staff that works in that building has had a fall on them at some stage, including him.

I love the socks, nothing wrong with knitting for yourself.