March 18, 2007

The Perfect Guy

When my daughters were growing up there were always guys around. Quite a variety of guys. Some we really like, some we really didn't. Some stayed around for years, others only showed up once or twice never to be seen or spoken of again.

Teenage girls tend to look for cute guys. They don't necessarily have to be nice, just cute. Of course cute only carries you so far in life before the fact that your personality sucks outweights your cuteness and you are gone.

So today I picked up D2 and D3 along with hubby after their vacation. Their plane was about a half hour late which was good since I had a terrible time at the airport trying to get to the parking garage. I FRIGGIN' HATE NY AIRPORTS!!!!!

We had quite a snowstorm Thursday into Friday and the plow guy didn't show up until Saturday around noon. I had shoveled one driveway so I decided not to have him plow the rest. The second driveway had D2's car, hubby truck, and my old stationwagon parked in it. So hubby and D2 would have to work getting the 2nd driveway cleared to get their vehicles out.

We had been home about 30 minutes when D2's new guy, Ed, pulled up with shovel in hand. He was there to see her and help dig out her car. What a nice guy. Cute is always nice but thoughtful and caring wins hands down.


Lovs2Knit said...

That's only to true. What does it matter if the person is good looking if they're going to treat people horribly....makes them very ugly on the inside.
Sounds like D2's new guy is a thoughtful guy. :)L0uisDee21

Debra said...

An hour away from grandkids-- not good! At least they're close enough for a weekend visit, though.

Seaming-- THis weekend I attached the short sides, then decided to block before starting the long ones. I'm taking it ReAlLy Slooooow... :()

Marie said...

excellent observation! Those mysterious boys that show up once or twice...I always wonder who is going to show up! It is rough when they come back after being away a long time and I am expected to remember names! yikes...D2's guy sounds like he may be a keeper!