April 09, 2008

Cats and birds

I live by a couple of ponds. One of them is right in my backyard and the second one is behind the little red building on the left at the end of the sand. Last year a couple of geese decided to nest over on my side of the pond and apparently they loved it so much that they came back this year. Once the little ones are born they move over to a bigger field and stay out of the yard.
Usually the cats don't pay much attention but last week Joey and Charlie were stalking the geese every time they would come into the yard. Either the geese would fly back to the pond or the cats would get tired of the game.
Two weeks ago these two showed up on the back pond. They are beautiful swans who seem to glide around the front pond to check things out a couple times a day.
Monday they decided to make a stop on my side of the pond. Since I didn't have my camera during the event I'll tell you what happened.
I looked out the back and saw the swans in the yard. All of a sudden the male stood straight up and glared to one side of my yard. I looked over and there's Charlie stalking the swans. Seriously like a white cat with tiger patches will actually blend stealth like into a green lawn?!?!? But Charlie (who we call our Forrest Gump cat) doesn't seem to realise that he isn't blending in and continues to creep up on the swans.
All of a sudden the male decides that enough is enough and starts back flapping his huge wings while walking toward Charlie. Charlie freezes for a moment before deciding in his walnut sized brain, "What the hell am I thinking!!!" and runs thru the yard and onto the deck.
So I ran downstairs and snapped this picture of the swans sitting on the berm before getting back in the water and floating off. And yes the male is still giving Charlie the stink eye in the picture.


Karen said...

How funny. Sometimes cats (like kids) have to learn things the hard way.

Lovs2Knit said...

Cats are full of entertainment! When I was a kid we had two cats that were dumber then a box of rocks. :~)

Rachel said...

Ha ha, I think Charlie got of easy! Swans are notoriously nasty!

Lisa said...

Cats always seem tough until the bird turns the tables. My cats are indoor USUALLY. I brought them to the big patio at work (3rd floor) and a big crow (CA has crows the size of cats) came down like a dive bomber. My cats still run when they hear them crow (even when they are inside). Who needs TV?!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. I'm glad Charlie wasn't hurt, just his pride.

I actually like your pretty pink sweater much better, and I'm sure your granddaughter will too.

Sorry about your soft wool being drug through the house. I bet this is one time when Charlie was glad he was stuck in the garage. LOL


Wool Winder said...

I'm jealous of your ponds. What a beautiful view from your house.

monica said...

Charlie better stick to the smaller prey. And if they are nesting, as I am sure they are , he just better back off and let the birds be.
I bet he did get his feelings hurt.

Anonymous said...

Love the story. Swans are REALLY good at giving the stink eye. LOL

sydney said...

LOL! That's too funny. Our cat Katie likes to stare at the doves, but she'll run away if they start flapping their wings.

Lisa said...

Oh thanks for such a good laugh. I can just picture that cat wising up and running for the hills. I'm glad he got away, swans are MEAN!