April 06, 2008

A case of knitting in denial

is never a good thing. Why is it that you continue to knit something that you just know isn't going to be to your liking. Take this sweater for my granddaughter. Really nice yarn that will meet my daughter's qualifications .... into the washer/dryer and back on the kids without shrinking. Shades of blue with 'girlie' buttons .... flowers .... ice cream cones .... maybe lady bugs.
But by the time I got the gauge correct it turned from a little lacey sweater to something that would stop bullets and make the child unable to bend her arm at the elbows.
Yet still I knit on.
24 rows of craptastic knitting.
Until Friday night when I had to admit that I was making a terrible mistake and would be the worst gram ever if I gave the sweater to the child.

Back to the stash where I found 2 skeins of this yarn (same dye lot) that I had picked up at walmart 2 yrs ago for 50 cents a skein.

Soft. Drapes well. Child will be able to bend arms at elbow.

Light and lacey.

When I own a book or magazine I photocopy the pattern so I can have a working copy of it. That way I can jot notes on my specific item without ruining the magazine. Once my project is completed I put my working copy in the magazine so that if I pass the magazine onto someone else I am not breaking copy write by having an additional copy of a pattern. I'll have to do a little digging to find the magazine the patterns came from.


Maureen said...

The shades of blue are great, but the second sweater is so adorable! Can't wait to see the finished sweater! Great job so far.

Lovs2Knit said...

I've been down that denial road. I really like the yarn you found to replace the blue yarn....very cute and girly!

sydney said...

I do that a lot! Plus I'll keep trying until I'm forced to admit failure. The second sweater looks like it will be really cute!

Lynn said...

Oh much better!! The first one would have been nice, but the 2nd one is just SOO girly!!! and don't you just love getting yarn so cheap at WalMart?? My Bernat Cotton Tots I got for a buck a piece.

monica said...

I think we have all been down that road of knitting denial, probably more than once.
A will look adorable in it.

Vivian said...

There is no worst of anything if you are knitting a sweater for the child! The new yarn is very pretty, very girlie.

gypsyknits said...

Oh I know the blue yarn that you speak of. Not nice when knit to sweater gauge. But the second pink/white sweater is very pretty and will be much softer. Keep on knitting.

Wool Winder said...

What a difference the right yarn makes. This is just right now. Very pretty!