April 27, 2008

All about socks

With summer rolling around I put aside my nice hand knit yummy socks of goodness and color and went off the the land of Walmart to pick up some cheap summer socks. The good people at Fruit of the loom obviously think we're a little on the stupid side by leading us to believe that these $1.30 a pair socks will support our arches.
Aka they put a little ribbing at the middle of the food. So I guess when I rib the top of a sock I should give it to the person claiming I've offered calf support?
3 pr of socks for the cheyenne river sioux project. I only had one skein of the pinks which was just enough to make a pair of child size 9's. I also did a size 9 in blue and a child size 12 in blue with red toes. The pink dye rubbed off on my fingers so they are a lovely shade of pink today.
Then I was wondering how many pair of baby socks I could get out of a 50 gram skein of knitpicks essentials. The answer is 4 pair. Each one a little different. These are for the Cure Hospital for A4A. Green is a lucky color. I have 3 more skeins of green so I'll get those knit this week. Babies and new moms can always use a little luck.
And finally finished off the ends of my son in law's size 12 socks. Opal yarn with opal uni black toes. I like them. I think he will too.
So since I was in the ladies' department at walmart I decided to pick up some panties too. Made in Honduras. And this just gave me the giggles. Each pair rolled and taped. I can just picture the on the job training for this. "No you are taping too high. The tape goes here toward the middle and only on the back. No sides just the back." I gotta say this is almost as obnoxious as taking 50 pins out of a new shirt. "Honey, I'm just untaping my underwear! I'll be there in a minute."
And I'll leave you with this ..... more socks. Now sadly these do not have arch supports. My arches are gonna be left on their own in these socks. However .... they are in a reseal bag. Seriously like I'm going to keep the bag? Wear the socks, wash them (with fingers crossed that both will make it out of the dryer), fold them and what put them back in the bag? Yup, only me.


Anonymous said...

Packaging is so ridiculous today. Wasteful and often useless. I understand those stupid plastic cases that are impossible to rip open to prevent shoplifting, but yeah--resealable sock bags? Um, no.

Maureen said...

Love all the socks! You certainly have been busy knitting! I need to go make some tiny socks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, very busy with the socks. There will be many happy feet in the future once these socks are received.

I hear you in regard to packaging. I don't know which is worse. At least the panties and socks can be opened. Some packaging is nearly impossible to open without scissors, and I would be willing to bet people have been injured trying to open some of them. If not with the scissors, then definitely on the hard plastic cutting them.

Congratulations to your son too. That's great he is coming into his own. :)

Lovs2Knit said...

I hate tape on underwear. We bought the kiddo some not that long ago and I swear it took me 20 minutes to get all the tape off.

I'm just as puzzled with the re-sealable bags of socks. I wonder if they put them there to make shoplifting easier? I have to check every package I buy because I've gotten a few packages with socks missing.

monica said...

Love all the baby socks and kiddie socks. And I admire you for knitting a pair of mens size 12 socks. I need to knit a promised pair of size 13s for my brother, but the thought of knitting that seemingly endless foot.....yikes.

I think packaging is unbelievable too. Think of all the time and money we (and they) could save without all the extra, unneeded packaging.

Wool Winder said...

Ha, ha. There is humor all around us. The ribbing on the arches does feel nice though, especially if you hate loose fitting socks. Great job on the hand knit socks. Always nicer than store bought.

gypsyknits said...

LOL......Oh my gosh, too funny. I just bought little white socks for self at Wally World and the darn things don't stay on my ankles! They slide into my shoe. Very annoying!

Love all of your handmade socks. beautiful work as always!

Lynn said...

Great hand made socks as always. I esp like the men's socks. Esp those toes!