April 02, 2007

This and that

This sock yarn is just CRAZY with color. D1 will love it.
Still plugging away on son in law's zebra socks. I just love how one gusset looks totally different
from the other gusset. Can't wait to see how different the second sock will look in this yarn.
And I've started the second ball of yarn for my ISE4 shawl. I don't think this one will be going to my pal since I got some other yarn I think she'd like better. Oh well, practice at lace knitting is always a good thing.

Grandson story ahead:
I had all 3 of the grandkids Saturday for a day of playgrounds and fun. We had a ball. Yesterday their mom decided to take them out so I met up with them at another playground and we can back to my house for some lunch.

I always feed the kids lunch on tv tables while they watch DVDs. I use to do it with my kids and now I continue this lunch tradition with my grandkids.

W finished his lunch and before anyone had time to tell him to stop he decided to fold the table. Heavy wood table crashing closed on tiny little 4 yr old finger. OUCH! His mom thought it was broken, I ran for ice, screaming and crying everywhere ... you get the picture.

When I got a look at it I could tell no broken bones so onto the couch with the hand proped on a pillow and an ice pack on the injury.

After a while W says to his mom, "It's going to take a while to recover from this. I'll have to stay here 5 days. I'll show you 5 with this hand because if I use this hand (pointing to his injured hand covered in ice) I could hurt it some more and then I'd have to stay for 6 days to feel better."

With 2 lollypops (one in his mouth and one in his pocket for later) he managed to recover enough to go to the car and go home. Of course his brother got 2 lollypops also because, "N is upset when I get hurt. He thinks he's next."


Beth said...

That Regia yarn is great fun - I love it.

I've ditched my originally ISE4 plan and started with all different yarn, then ditched that and I'm on plan #3 now. I think it'll work this time. :)

Lovs2Knit said...

Oh poor baby. Glad to here his fingers aren't broken. I like that he said he'd have to stay at your place for 5 days to get better. :)
The socks are looking great.

Knittymama said...

Poor guy! Love his logic:-)

monica said...

Aren't kids the best! I love your grandkid stories. Your scarf is lovely and I love the socks too.

gypsyknits said...

OM Gosh! That kid is SMART! That is the cutest story. I love the socks!

Simone said...

Love the colours of the yarn.