April 10, 2007

Shawls and pranks

I started working on this last week. It's another Tilly Shawl for some more practice on lace before a start a more complex lace project. Who's it for? Don't know.
This is my completed ISE4 scarf. Just need to block it out. I think blocking wires are in order for this one. Really hate all that pinning!
We have an old dresser in the living room which I use to stash clothes, diapers, etc for the grandchildren. On easter W found a roll of tape and decided to play a joke on us. He taped the drawers and then proceeded to tell us, "Ha, ha, ha, you can't get in the drawers anymore. I taped them shut." I don't have the heart to take the tape off so I just moved the diapers to the top of the dresser.


Maureen said...

Was thinking of you when I ran across this KAL:

you might find a few more cute patterns to use!

Love the scarf colors! And the tape story!!!

Lovs2Knit said...

lol...that's too cute.

monica said...

I love the taped drawers. That is too cute. Wait until he starts booby trapping everything. My son used to get into my yarn and string it around the house around table legs and chair legs...it was a danger zone sometimes. The scarf is beautiful as is the shawl.

Ann said...

That story made me smile..it's amazing the things their minds can come up with.

ruth said...

Love the colours in the shawl, I can't wait to see the scarf blocked!

Jessica said...

I too am loving all those pinks and purples :)

I love the sticky tape story, just make sure you hide the superglue.

Anonymous said...

Give W a tape ribbon for ingenuity. Pretty cute.

Good work on the scarf and shawl. Beautiful colors.