April 20, 2007

Things that make you go hummmm $19.56

3 things on the packing list in the box. Ok 2 skeins of Stained Glass Shimmer check. 2 skeins of Iris Heather Alpaca Cloud check.
3rd item on the list is lace blocking wires which would consist of 12 large (32 1/2" long) straight wires ........ must be being sent in another box because this little one can't possible hold 32 1/2" wires.

The shimmer will definately be something for my ISE4 pal. No really this time for sure. The other 2 things I knit for her were just practice. This one is definate jewel tones and with the little silk sheen it's perfect.

Total for yarn spent this year so far? $423.07. Maybe it would be cheaper if I took up drinking or smoking. lol


Marie said...

That yarn is Gorgeous! I can't wait to see it knit up! I think you've spent more than I have! Am trying so very hard to be good!!

Beth said...

I have also recently gone off the deep end while yarn buying so far this year. I don't dare add it up. ;)

Jessica said...

Very brave of you to add it up.

It scares me just listing my yarn in an excel sheet.

Fascinates me how I can have so much yarn and still not have any yarn that is suitable for a particular project.

Thankyou for yoor comment on Urban Aran.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn. I can see fun times ahead. Hang on to that packing slip, and it was smart taking the picture. If the wires never show, you will have that to use as evidence. It should have stated on the packing slip if they were being shipped separately. If not, you might want to call and double check.

Good luck.:)

Trish "luvs2knit" said...

I'm refusing to add up my knitting purchases; yarn, needles, etc. I don't even want to know. :)
I'd double check on the wires. They shouldn't have shown up on the invoice or it should have shown they shipped separately.
I've been eying the same shimmer yarn out there at KP. I have 4 skeins in the Grape Hyacinth....very nice stuff.
Naw smokings not cheaper....I was spending almost $200 a month before I quite. Stick with the yarn, it's better for you....lol.

monica said...

I will add up my finishd projects but not the total $$ spent. I need to get some blocking wires too, I hope yours come soon.

Mia said...

Oh my God... you actually keep TRACK of your yarn purchases??? Isn't that sacriligous (sp?) or somethin'????


But the jewel tone yarn is gorgeous!

Debra said...

Stainless steel welding wires work well, too. (and are a fraction of the cost!!!)

RoxyKnits said...

Oh my - you add your yarn purchases up!!!

They say ignorance is bliss so I must be blissfully happy and totally unaware exactly how much I spent on yarn.....and fully intend to keep it that way ;)

Those Clover locking stitch markets are the best. As are all the accessories Clover make. Clever lot they are.