April 22, 2007

Cute kid story ahead

I've had my grandchildren over every weekend since D1 and my son in law bought their house. Yesterday everyone was sick so we had a quiet day of watching movies and playing games.

My hubby had last week off from work so he drove up to the house on Tuesday to work on the bathroom renovations and other odd jobs. He decided to stay over a couple days and ended up not coming back until yesterday. He did a lot of stuff but it's a house that no matter how much you finish there's still a million things left to do.

After a quick shower and change of clothes hubby came downstairs and said, "I'm going up town for a cup of coffee. Anyone want to come?" Anyone want to come wasn't really an invitation since the usual people in the house (18-22 and me) always say no. Well before you knew it N said yes, gets off the couch and goes into the hallway to look for his shoes.

Hubby starts out the door and N starts crying. S1 happens to go into the hallway and asks N what's wrong. N says, "Help me get my shoes on, Uncle." I look into the hallway and say, "Hey stop! N really thinks he's going with you." Hubby turns around and says, "Sorry N not this time. I'll take you along next time. It's late and your parents will be here to pick you up before I come back."

N is now upset because he's not going so I said, "Come on N and stay here with me. We'll play trains until mommy and daddy come." N is still trying to convince his uncle to get his shoes on so his uncle comes out with, "Gram says you can't go. Isn't she mean?" N agrees that his gram is mean, tears are wiped away and normal activity resumes.

So last night at around 9 it occures to me that my hubby issued an invitation, the invitation was accepted, my hubby decided not to follow thru on him invitation which caused emotional distress to a 2 yr old, and somehow I'm the mean one. How did that happen?!?!?!?

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Marie said...

AWWWW! Poor babe! He is such a cutie he wanted coffee too! At that age my daughter was totally addicted to coffee. No stray cup was safe from her! She would start crying in the other room when she smelled coffee brewing we'd go see what was wrong and she'd dash in with her sippy cup looking for a coffee handout!