January 10, 2007

Yarn Diet

Buzz on the blogs is all yarn diet and knit from your stash. I'd probably participate if it wasn't for a couple things ..... like a computer ......... a credit card .......... and Astrid.
Fortissima Mexiko 9504
Gedifra 4208
Meilenweit Multi-Effekt 3070 and 3122
Regia 5396
Trekking 12 , 187, and 100

D3 asked last week how much money I spend in yarn every year. I guessed $600.00. This year I'll keep track .... bet I wasn't even close. LOL. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs .... I do yarn.


Anonymous said...

Love the yarns you have an eye on. I've already checked out Astrid's site and decided that I'm going to have to buy from her soon. Have you ordered from her before?

Karen said...

Oh...I would never keep track. Yikes. I don't want to know what I spend. haha

Marie said...

LOL! That is a great idea..keep track of what we addicts spend on yarn!!! I'll bet it is a shocking amount. I find myself sneaking yarn into the house. When eagle eye hubby sees something different I just tell him I ummmm rotated the yarn that was in back of the shelf to the front...yea!

RoxyKnits said...

Yep, yarn is my vice too. Diet....why??? I'm having far too much fun thanks ;)

Anyway, they keep bringing out more luscious yarn to tempt us.

Loved the cat in the box photos. I tried to comment but blogger was having a ''moment' and wouldn't let me.

Anonymous said...

I am loving that Trekking 100....if you break down and buy, can't wait too see what you make :)I could'nt type in my Blogger name...this is barbn77 :)

monica said...

Have you ordered from Astrid? I haven't ...yet, but oh so tempting. I am with you, none of the really bad vices , except chocolate, and I don't buy a lot of that, but I can't go into a yarn shop without buying something. The yarn diets just don't work for me.