January 15, 2007

Coffee Exchange

OOOOO don't you just love where you find stuff like this in your mailbox? I certainly do. Here we have the package from Ruth, my coffee swap partner in South Africa. A hand made card starts off the list. Of course there's coffee .... South African coffee which is the best.
Stitch markers hand made by Ruth herself.

Bamboo yarn. I've never knit with bamboo yarn so I'll be looking for a pattern for this. And an elephant for good luck.
Thank you Ruth. It's been a pleasure to make a new knitting friend in South Africa.


Ollie said...

wow, what an awesome package of goodies!!!!! I'd love to be in the next coffee swap, I inhale the stuff.

and I'm very impressed w/all your sox....!! ollie

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the comforting words.

What a lovely gift, from your coffee swap pal. The bamboo yarn is gorgeous. I hope it knits up nicely too.

I just adore your purple Opal socks. My goodness, that color way worked up beautifully!!! Lucky you.

I've had cats most of my life, and yes, they sure do like a sunny spot. And if you have a box there, then it's all the more exciting and inviting to them. Glad you forgave them and allowed them their little "indiscression."

Ann said...

I have been reading Ruth's blog for quite some time. She is a very amazing and talented person. Her photographs of South Africa are wonderful and it's fun to see a new part of the world.

Le Fleur said...

At last it arrived! We were really getting worried. I told Ruth If you did not get by Wednesday then we would have to do something.

Simone (Le Fleur) Coester

Karen said...

What a nice swap package! I love the hand made stitch markers! Enjoy your yarn and coffee!

sydney said...

What a nice package of goodies! I've never knit with bamboo yarn either but that has a nice color and shine. I like that elephant too.

Knittymama said...

Wow! That was totally worth the wait!

Ruth said...

I had so much fun putting it together for you, and I got to find new places to go in a new country. I'm just so relieved it finally came!