January 05, 2007

Finished stuff

Not wanting to make anyone jealous but these are the treasures my grandsons entrusted to my care the other day. I'm under strick orders not to play with anything. I'll admit I've hopped the frog around while on a boring conference call but other than that I've behaved well.

You know how sometimes you are knitting along and you can't figure out if you like what you are making? I call it "knitting denial". You trick yourself into truely believeing that somehow when completed you'll just look at the item and declare it the bestest most perfect knit item ever.

Well that's me with these socks. Got through the first sock and couldn't figure out if I liked the colorways. Half way through the second one I decided that I really didn't. But hubby loves them and since they are his socks I finished them. I think they would have looked better without the blue stripes and that band of cream/light green.


Karen said...

I like the colors just fine. I think the blue is a good contrast.

I promise not to rat you about about playing with the frog.... for a price mind you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,

I finally found you! (We'll blame it on my super slow modem and not my mental capacity :).

Good job guarding the treasures. I must admit--that frog looks pretty irresistable!

Anonymous said...

You player, you :)

I have "knitting denial" about a couple of sock projects myself at the moment... i've ignored them for a while and started something new.

Anonymous said...

Those are some fine looking socks. Glad your hubby likes them!

Maureen said...

Oh I link the colors in the socks. The pattern stitch is great too. Love the fun pics of the cats in the boxes. My little one loves boxes!

Ann said...

I have a pair of socks like that myself..not the same yarn, but the same feeling about them. I think they are going to have a little frog action themselves.

...and not the toy kind!

Ellen said...

Hmm. I can see how you might not like the color combination in that colorway, but I have to say I think the socks turned out quite nicely. Glad your husband is enjoying them!

Thanks for your recent comment on our blog! I've enjoyed "meeting" you, reading your posts, and seeing the pictures of your cute grandkids.

monica said...

Did you make sure to put he frog back in the EXACT same spot they left it? they remeber these things. I like the socks and you are so lucky to have a hubby who actually wants the socks you make.

Anonymous said...

Such an honor to be entrusted with such treasures! I'm jealous.

I like the socks. And so long as your hubby likes and will wear the socks, that's what is really important.