January 01, 2007

My first education of 2007

So today is the first day of the new year. I'm filled with hope that they year can only get better since I've got the worst cold ever today.

January 1st we always go over to my parents house at 2:00 for lunch. I decided to make cheese cake and jello to take along today. My phone rings this morning and it's W (he's got a cold too) asking if I'm going to great grandma's and papa's house.

G "Well yes I'm planning to be there. Guess what? I made jello."
W "What color did you make?"
G "I made red jello and orange jello."
W "Did you make green?"
G "No I didn't make green. Just red and orange today."
W "Because you know it comes in different colors. You can make green. There's yellow too. They make blue. Blue is my favorite color but I like green jello."
G "It comes it that many different colors, babe?"
And then I hear it; the sigh. Goes like this ..... HUGE sigh as if to say 'I can't believe she manages to get through a day by herself' W says, "Yes Gram, they make jello in different colors because not everyone likes the same thing. They are different colors because they all taste different. Next time you make jello make the green because that's the best."
G "Ok I will. So are you going to have any of my red and orange jello?"
W "Well since you didn't know about the colors I guess I will."


Knittymama said...

:-) Too cute!

monica said...

Too funny, aren't they just the most adorable little people at that age? I miss it. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing that story. Your grandson is the cutest! I've started off the new year with a really nasty bug too. Hope your feeling better and Happy New Year!

Karen said...

I've got the same cold from hell. Feel better soon and Happy New Year!

KnitterBunny said...

Ha! I love that, it is so cute. Next time you make jello you should offer blue and yellow so he can make his own green. hee hee