January 29, 2007

$98.35 in sock yarn

Here's a less than fantastic pic of the sock yarn I ordered on January 10th. It always amazes me that this yarn can get from Astrid to me so quickly. Plus you just can't top the price. Of course I did have a moment of panic when I went to open the package and saw this .......

Yup, a tear in the plastic mailing packet. Nothing was wrong with the yarn at all so I worried for no reason.

Most of this will be socks for me. I have a goal for 12 pr of socks for me and I've done 3 so far. Each one will be a different pattern so I just have to figure out which patterns work well with which yarns.

1 comment:

tonni said...

Is that some Trekking 100 I see in that beautiful pile of sock yarn? I'm doing the monkey pattern from knitty in my Trekking 100 - it looks really good :)