January 22, 2007

Socks everywhere

The thing I love about sock knitting is it's instant finished projects! No weeks of knitting. No sewing seams. Great for a lazy knitter like me. This is the first pair of socks for CIC. Teal and green knit picks worsted weight yarn.
And another pair of socks for me. Regia brasil in shades of blue. Fluted bannister pattern on these.
I did a pair of socks for N last month but couldn't give them to him because I didn't have the pair for W finished. N and W slept over Friday night so of course W saw his sock in progress. "I just need to finish this second one for you and then you'll be able to wear them," I explained. To which the little man chimed in, "Well you'd better get to work now." I did as I was told and finished them Sunday morning.

Cute story from the sleep over. W is almost 4 and is very interested in knitting. He saw a package of unopened double points.

W "Could these be for me?"
Me "Well when you get a little older I can teach you to knit and then yes they could be your needles."
W "You can teach me to knit just like you knit."
Me "Yes and when you get very good at it you can make socks for me."
W "No you can make your own socks."

Second story: W pushed his brother and ended up with a time out in the corner. After about a minutes he asked to come out. "You can come out and say sorry to N for pushing." The minute N saw his brother coming towards him he ran off. "Gram, I can't say sorry to my brother because he's running away. He must think I'm going to hurt him again." "Why would he think that?" "Because I do it all the time. He's smart."


Just A Knit Wit said...

What cuties! I love little kid stories.

Oh yeah and the socks are great!

Karen said...

You do turn out the socks fast! It still takes me weeks to finish socks..sometimes more. Gasp!

monica said...

Your stories of your grandkids remind me so much of the things my kids used to say when they were that age. I cherish those memories. Your socks look wonderful.

Lynn said...

I love the things that kids say, so true to how they feel. "You can knit your own socks!" LOL Priceless!

herself75 said...

ROFL!!! gotta love kids! nice socks too!

Ruth said...

Your grandkids make me laugh. I love the socks, especially the ones for you! What is CIC?

Barb said...

LOL the kids are too funny :) what pattern do you use for their socks? I tried making Megan a pair but the pattern I used was too small, they fit Leslie!

gypsyknits said...

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? I see you have knit some great "fiber" LOL. Your socks are gorgeous!

Zoanna said...

This is hysterical! I can just picture those kids saying this stuff "cuz I do it all the time" and "knit your own socks." Oh, too much!
Keep the stories coming!