September 18, 2006

UGH Monday

I noticed that the leaves are beginning to change a bit so we'll watch them together. This view is wonderful to watch.
I had one of those kick ass knitting weekends where you don't think you did much but lots gets done. I finally started a scarf for my ISPE friend. It's made in a feathers and fans pattern Opal batik. Looks really nice. Notice the wonky needle? Medal needles and people's butts shouldn't meet on the couch. I'll replace it someday but it's only been wonky for 5 yrs.
And I finished the scarf for another secret pal. It'll match the rolled brim hat I made her last month. My pal has been enjoying everything I've sent because she knits for everyone but herself. I've gone out of my way to make sure I use the softest nicest wool I can find.
I also did a couple kids hats too but those have already been sent to my daughter's so "test drive" so I could make sure they were the right size.

And finally here's a picture of Oscar giving me the "LOOK OF DEATH" this morning. She gives me the look 24/7. You'd think that after 16 yrs she's like me but nope she hate me and everyone else. I think that as long as I keep making sure there's plenty of cat food in the house I'll be ok.


Lisa said...

Great looking scarves! I still can't get over all those CIC socks either!

I was out east in NJ and PA this weekend and the colors were just starting to change there too. I would love to go back in about 2-3 weeks and see them when they are at their best. I've always wanted to do a color tour out in the eastern states. Now I just need to convince the hubby to take some time off......

Betty said...

Just wondering if Oscar could upset because she wanted a "girl name." Your knitting is beautiful. Lucky secret pal!

Maureen said...

Fun pictures. You scarf has a similar color scheme as the trees. WHat is there to say about Oscar, espcially since I have one of my own.

Lynn said...

Ok first of all, Oscar is adorable!! Not the look she's going for, but adorable just the same. And the fact that she's 16 means she'll be a mean and crotchety old bitty the rest of her long life!!

Great scarf and great fall colors!!! We dont get much of that here in FL.

tonni said...

Oscar - She looks like BIG cat. That look says "what are you doing bothering me, it's MY house" :)