September 25, 2006

Excellent customer service

Last night I decided that I just had to start working on a new shawl. Before you even ask NO I DIDN'T EVEN COME CLOSE TO FINISHING THE FIRST SHAWL! The last time I worked on it was August 14th and it's now in a bag hidden away from view. Let's just treat the first shawl like gays in the military .... You don't ask and I don't tell.

Anyways, the new shawl is Tilly's Garden Shawl. It's a 6 row repeat and I think it'll be a good learning pattern for me. No fringe. I don't like fringe but I don't know why.

All excited I take out some lace yarn I bought a couple months ago and start to roll it in balls. I get about half way through the first skein and there's a break in the yarn. Ok, no problem. I place the ball aside and start rolling again. Another break, and another, and another. CRAP! Oh well maybe something happened.

I get the other skein and find that has even more slices in it. Now I'm upset. I grab my digital camera and snap pics of the yarn. Then I run upstairs to the computer and jot off an email to customer service attaching the pictures. I didn't remember when I bought the yarn but it was definitely over their 30 day return policy. I don't expect to hear anything from the company but at least I feel like I did something.

And today when I signed onto the computer to check email there was a note from the yarn company saying how sorry they were that the yarn did not meet their quality standards. They are sending out 2 more skeins to replace the damaged ones. No questions asked, no send it back and we'll look into it. Just a simple sorry we'll make this right. Thanks you Knitpicks!


Lisa said...

I'm glad you're getting some replacement yarn! I'm doing a Briar Rose shawl pattern right now too, using one of her yarns. Chris is a great vendor to work with too!

Karen said...

I recently sent a similar email to Lana Grossa about a skein of Meilenweit with cuts in it to them that I bought on vacation somewhere and they said...sorry but you have bring it back to where you bought it. Unfortunately I can't find the receipt and it's in another state. I'm glad to hear KnitPicks gave you good service.