September 22, 2006

If at first you don't succeed .....

frog, frog again..... Sometimes things just don't work out as planned. Take ISE3 scarf in opal green batik. I was knitting along going very well when I looked at my needles. One size 10 needle and one size 8. Oops! Had the size 8's out to make a hat for W. No way to cover that mistake to back to square one. Can't exchange a scarf that's not made correctly.
This is Friday's fall colors. A little mist on the pond this morning and a little more color in the trees since last week. I made a hat for N which I'm calling the NNNNNOOOOOO hat. When you put it on N's head he says, "NNNNOOOOOOO" and takes it off. Think I'll block it and donate it. Colors are knitpicks grass and daffodil
Then I made this hat for W. It's blue. Blue is his favorite color. The problem? The color is knitpicks stream and in real life it's a little too teal for a boy. Damn! So I'll finish this, block it, and donate it too.
And last but not least evil has a new location. No cushie couch for this gal. Nope, she's decided to sleep half in half out of an empty box on the hardwood floor. Go figure!


tonni said...

Oh, I feel your pain having to frog all that progress made on the scarf. Are you going to make the same pattern on the correct needles or another pattern? It was looking soooo good.

kathy said...

You wrote to me asking how I liked my knitpick needles. I love them1 you're right, needles are a personal preference like many yarns. But I don't like rounded needle points and the knitpicks needles are perfect for me. I absolutely love their dpn's for socks! Your knitting is beautiful.