September 19, 2006

Project Runway 3 show 10

Well we're getting down to the end here. Last week's show was interesting in a "why the hell would they do that" sort of way. The remaining 5 designers were invited to a party and during the celebration Heidi springs a couple of suprises: Vincent and Angela. It seems that anyone (except Keith) who won a challenge was invited to compete again. In order to continue Vincent or Angela would need to win the challenge. 3 designers will be out.

The challenge is to designing a cocktail dress using only black and white material. With 15 minutes of sketching and $100 in hand they go off to Mood. Another twist is that they have to use every scrape of fabric they purchase in the design.

Every dress is different even though it's the same colors being used. Laura, very tailored, lace, feathers, crystals. So Laura.

Jeffrey's outfit looked like a halloween costume. Ultra mini with ill fitting leggings. What a mess. Jeffrey better keep his fingers crossed.

Angela's dress is awful with a shug she's describing as Edwardian that doesn't go with the dress and looks like it's going to strangle her model. Extra fabric? Stuffed into a purse off the Macy's accessory wall that didn't need stuffing to hold it's shape. Well at least we know Angela will be packing to go back to Ohio.

Kayne's dress is so not Kayne. Simple black, no rhinstones anywhere but oops also no white. Must use black and white.

Uli's dress was a black and white print, beachy again, long sleeves too long, and she used the extra fabric to make a necklace that didn't go with anything. Not impressive.

My guy Michael sexy white dress with a wide black belt. Cutwork in the belt to give it a lot of texture. Extra fabric? He put about 20 layers of lining in the purse the model was carrying.

Vincent had a bit of bad luck. His model was in a bike accident so the model for the runway was a little bigger. Dress was a tight fit. White top, too short black skirt, and a shawl to use up the extra fabric that didn't go with anything. Hope he didn't unpack too much.

Winner Laura. Out Angela, Vincent, and Kayne. I have to say I was sad to see Kayne leave but you just know that he'll have more work than he could ever imagine after designing that Miss America dress.

Now we're down to the final 4 and no show tomorrow. Guess that'll give me plenty of time to finish frogging the green scarf I started Sunday but that's another story for another post.

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