December 24, 2006

T'was the day before Christmas .....

Random stuff since I've got nothing worth showing:

1. Today is Christmas eve and it's about 50 degrees here in Connecticut. No snow so far this season and very little really cold weather. LOVE IT!!! Don't you just wonder why someone who hates cold and snow lives in New England? No earthquakes, few hurricanes and tornadoes, and there's no wild fire season.

2. I was at Costco yesterday which was as crowded as I expected. I did my shopping and got in line. Knowing that I was going to be waiting I had brought along a sock to work on so I happily knit while waiting. For the first time in my recent memory no one started a conversation about my knitting while I kip.

3. Today D2 turns 22 yrs old. Her due date was December 10th but she waiting until 2 minutes before midnight on 12/24 to make her entrance into the world. I was so upset about missing Christmas with my 2 yr old daughter that I talked my way out of the hospital before noon the next day and spent Christmas with my family.

4. People seem to be taking long lines in stride. I've been out shopping a couple times and while everyone talks about people being impatient I haven't seen a single person who actually is. If you smile at the cashiers they smile back.

5. The woman in front of me at Costco forgot something and was trying to get her cart out of the line. I told her to leave it and I'd move her forward when the line moved. By the time she got back we had moved one cart space. That was my good deed for the day.

6. I went shopping for my grandkids and when I was figuring out who gets what I found that I had the exact same number of gifts for each child. Amazing!

7. I have 16 people coming for dinner tomorrow. Because the weather has been so warm I couldn't make anything ahead of time and stash it in my garage (referred to in years past as the other fridge). So I'll be doing all the cooking tomorrow which may make me grumpy.

8. I've been drinking the flavored coffees from my exchange partner Maria so grumpy doesn't last long ....... uuuuummmmmmm chocolate flavored coffee.

Sending you all wishes for a wonderful holiday season. Happy knitting to all


Anonymous said...

I wish I were coming to your house for Christmas dinner. As long as you're grumpy anyway, I couldn't cause any problem. And I could check out that beautiful knitting. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Anonymous said...

Hope you got some help with the cooking, and enjoy the yummy coffee!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!