December 28, 2006

After 16 yrs of working for my company .....

Red scarf #2. Same yarn as the first one and yes another crappy picture of it. I like this one a lot. Next one is already on the needles. It's a split rib pattern with a really deep red yarn.

I just wanted to share my holiday package from work with you. I've worked for this company for 16 yrs and honestly they don't owe me anything but a paycheck. But when you get something like this in the mail you just begin to wonder why they'd waste money shipping this to everyone in the department. 2 pads of paper, 3 steno pads, a box of pencils, a box of pens (not a single one wrote because they were old and dried out so tossed in the garbage), cheap old chocolate (that was tossed in the garbage), a broken lolly pop (tossed with the pens and chocolate, chapstick with the company logo on it, a brush for dusting my computer keyboard (like I dust? That would take time away from my knitting!) with the company logo on it, a snowman toy, and a calendar.

I feel like Charlie Brown trick or treating ...... I got a rock.


Maureen said...

First... That is sad and weird that the company would think to mail these things out... secondly, love both of the red scarves! The patterns are so wonderful!

Barb said...

The scarves look great, what patterns did you use?

monica said...

I like that scarf too, I liked the first one also. There are going to be some happy kids getting those. Wow, your work went all out didn't they, but hey, the hospital I work at gives us a pen with the logo on it and a yearly planner with the logo on it EVERY year. I guess so we can keep track of out schedules.

Anonymous said...

Both of your scarves are beautiful. Your felted slippers are great!! I've never done an afterthought heel. I guess I should give it a try one day. That is done on a toe-up sock, right?

I just finished reading the comments from the day before Christmas. Love your sense of humor. And about that company gift. The kids will have fun with the pencils and tablets, so it is not a total loss, right?

Yes, we really did have snow for Christmas day. It didn't last long, but it was there for a while. Snowed again on the 27th, a little more, but gone the next morning too. Yesterday was so beautiful and sunny, DH and I went for a nice walk. Unusual weather, but I'll take it.

Have a great 2007! :)

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

OMG....I can't believe anyone would mail out such a package! Bless your heart....everyone should have left them in the break room...or better yet....left them for the boss!

Love the scarf pattern!!!