December 07, 2006

Trip to the local yarn store

I just got back from an appointment with the dentist and since I was so close I stopped in at a lys that I had heard about. Very easy to get to, great parking right in the back, nice looking store.

I went inside and the amount of different yarns was overwhelming. OK, take it room by room. Well lots of fuzzy, furry, ribbon, trendy crap yarn that's all the rage but I don't use. No problem. There's got to be some nice wool around here somewhere. Poke into another room. Table filled with people (knitting class?) and not a single, "Hi. Did you need help with anything?"

Hummmmm, into another room. Sock yarn! My favorite! Not many colors or brands to choose from. Pick up 2 prices are about what I'd pay in other lys. Into another room and jackpot! Wool for felting! Great if you only need 2 of any dye lot or just single skeins. Lots of yarn but all different dye lots so I have to locate the tags and check each skein. Picked up 4 skeins of Cascade 220.

Go to check out and there's already someone ahead of me. Wait for 5 minutes while they chat and chat and chat. My turn. Write up my order while talking to someone else on the phone, take my money, give change and not even a "thanks" or "hope you come back again."

So much for "that personal touch that you can only get at a LYS. Think I'm better off shopping on line where I don't expect any help at all, get cheaper prices on exactly what I want, and don't have to pay state tax on anything. Pics of my purchase when D3 brings my camera back from school.

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herself75 said...

with service like that, they wont' last long! any LYS depends on word-of-mouth to survive.