December 11, 2006

Back to work Monday

Gotta say I was looking forward to going back to work today. I spent all last week running around and my sprained/broken ankle is paying the price. Oh well, gotta heal sooner or later right?

A rare picture of the 3 cats in one location. Sine they all hate each other they usually don't hang around anywhere near each other. Oscar aka Evil one claimed the most comfortable chair. Joey was left with the blue one which is not nearly as comfortable however a child was just sitting there so it was warm. And Charlie of course just can't stand to be left out of anything so he had to wander over and take a couple swats at Oscar and Joey. He's such a little brat!
This raffle winning package came in the mail Friday from Jen .
It's hand spun yarn which will be something I have never used before. I hope I hate it because I don't need another obsession ..... like spinning. I tell myself at least once a week that I will not think about learning to spin.

More christmas knitting done. These are socks for D1. Yarn is Opal Prism in purple. Love how these came out. Another pair in Opal dreamcatcher almost done for my sil. I hope to finish those tonight.


The Knit Wit said...

Holy cow! You're a sock knitting machine! And they're beautiful.

Just isn't fair... takes me weeks and they're lopsided. :)

Ruth said...

I don't know how you cope with three cats, we have enough trouble just with one! They are all very cute. Love the purple socks, I know what you mean about the spinning. I tell myself that all the time too. I'm helped here by a scarcity of supplies, but some of my earliest memories are of being mesmerised by the spinners at the local agricultural shows (you'd probably call them county fairs? in the States). I hope you hate the hand spun too.

Karen said...

You sure do crank out the socks! I love all Opal socks.
Sounds to me you want to learn to spin if you have to tell yourself that every day. Just saying... ;)

tonni said...

Your cats are very pretty - and all so differnt. It's too bad that they don't like each other, but you never know until you have had them for a while :)

Purple stripe socks came out great! My DD would love these... she keeps raiding my sock drawer for warm hand knit socks.

monica said...

Are all these socks for Christmas. This is going tp sound mean, but I hope they are, that way I am not alone, still finishing presents a week before the deadline. They look very nice. Can't wait to see the dream catchers

Deborah said...

I tell myself that I hope I don't get the hang of sock knitting. I don't need a sock yarn obsession!

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

I love your purple socks!!! For some reason "Cindy Loo Hoo" comes to mind!! LOL!! Love purple!! The hand spun yarn looks really soft! I love the feel and look of handspun!